Applying to college, Paramedic?

what marks do i need around for college level courses? my guidance counselor said 95%, but other sources tell me higher then 75%

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    8 years ago
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    80% is probably the minimum for the required courses, though it depends on where you want to go. Colleges in Toronto receive the most applications, and French colleges receive the least. If you want to get in, extracurriculars help. I didn't go to Humber but apparently they accept people based only on how well they do on their admissions testing, so as long as you do well on the test, it can act as a safety net. Unfortunately you will be up against a lot of competition. (I'm assuming they still have the maximum 5 colleges rule) you will need to be strategic with your choices. programmes outside of Toronto receive less applicants, and colleges up North receive fewer than those in Southern Ontario,

    You may wish to consider education outside of Ontario as well, I'm not a fan of the educational standards in Western Canada, but Eastern Canada has some good programmes. All other provinces run a 1 year PCP programme and a 2 year ACP programme, while Ontario runs 2 yr PCP, 1 yr ACP, so I don't know if you can realistically move back to Ontario without completing ACP first, but you might be able to. In addition to your Ontario colleges, you may wish to check out Holland College [PEI], College of the North Atlantic [Newfoundland & Labrador], and The Maritime School of Paramedicine [Nova Scotia]

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