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Should I start Cam Newton this week?

I know I know you should always start Cam but I just have a bad feeling this week about playing @HOU (2nd least points to QB's) and it's playoffs now so I need the points. I dont have a back up because he has done so well so do you think any of these would be worth the pick up to the start over Cam?

Mark Sanchez @PHI

Ryan Fitzpatrick MIA

Andy Dalton @STL

Alex Smith PIT

Michael Vick NYJ (If someone picks him I will cut my toes off)

Joe Flacco @SD

Colt McCoy @ARI

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    I'd stick with Newton. If you have a real bad feeling about him I would roll with Flacco, or don't-cut-your-toes-off Vick. But unless you have a better feeling about one of those guys, Newton just has much less downside. Newton's worst point total in standard leagues this year so far is 11. You're right to be skeptical since Houston has great pass and rush defense, but you don't have many better options.

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    I would just go with Cam. Andy Dalton would be a decent choice because STL blows.

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    in case you prefer a stable selection: Rodgers. in case you prefer blow up skill: newton. Rodgers could desire to have a coarse day against the bears. identity pass with newton yet it is confusing to help you be responsive to to bench between the terrific quarterbacks 3 years in a row.

  • 8 years ago

    I'd play Newton, I think he'll have a good game

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