How to remove password from pdf in mac?

In mac OS, how do you remove a password from a pdf file that is protected by it.


Let me rephrase the question, I know the password of this file, but I want to share this document with others - Effectively want to remove the password from the file and share it as a plain pdf without encryption/password protection.

Update 2:

Found the answer after a lot of probing, without having to use any thirdparty software..In Mac OS X Lion open the pdf using "Preview". It'll prompt for password, provide the password, once the pdf opens... Choose "Save a copy", this dialog has options to disable password/encryption and save it.

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    I suggest you use a pdf password remover to remove the password:

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    There are 2 kinds of pdf passwords.

    The first is drm password as in you can read the text of the pdf but are restricted in someway when using the pdf reader (like can't copy or print.) This can be removed in a lot of ways, ghost script is one that I know works on mac. Use it to convert the pdf file to ps then back to pdf and now it has no password.

    The other password is needed before you can read the file. This one can't be removed without the password. The only option you have is a bruteforce program like pdfcrack, but this could take many hours to many months depending on how strong the password is.

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    You can't.

    Only the PDF's author can choose to give you the Password, or NOT.

    If this weren't TRUE, the file wouldn't be password protected, would it?

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    between the helpful components of the PDF format is that the guy who created the rfile is permitted to place regulations on what you're able to do with it. this actual rfile grew to become into configured to forbid copying text textile.

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    TYSM :)

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