Are our freedoms really being taken away?

Are we really losing our freedoms?I see alot of people on Y Answers saying so.

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  • bill j
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    8 years ago
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    It depends on how you define freedom and what you political beliefs are. Let me give you a couple of examples.

    One of the provisions of the Patriot act allows the government to keep track of overseas phone calls to help track down terrorists. Your conversations are not being listened to or recorded. The people and computers keeping track don't even know who is making the calls. They just know the phone numbers making and receiving overseas calls. They check for patterns that will lead them to terrorist organizations. If they find a pattern then they go to court and get a judge to sign a warrant to get the names of the people involved and possibly a wire tap to listen to the calls.

    There are no fines, fees, taxes or regulations associated with this. No limits or restrictions on the number or length of calls you make or on the phone service you use. No loss of privacy and no government intrusion into your life. Unless you are a terrorist or criminal you will never even know what is going on. The worst case scenario is the government sees a pattern in your calls, gets a warrant and listens to part of one of your conversations. They find out you are talking to your aunt Susie in another country and they drop the whole thing.

    Conservative say "No harm, no foul." It is a protective measure that doesn't impact my life or freedom. Only terrorist and criminals need to worry. On the other side of the isle liberals rant and scream about the loss of privacy and government intrusion on their freedoms.

    Another example is tobacco. The government boldly steps forth and proclaims they will now take control of your decisions about the use of tobacco. Businesses, consumers and all individuals will now be told by the government when and where they may legally smoke and where it is forbidden. They impose fines, fees, taxes and excessive government regulations that are beyond ridiculous. In my state the government has ruled that if you work for any health care or related industry and are caught using tobacco in you own home you can be fired from your job and lose all benefits including health insurance and pension monies. This is clearly government intrusion on you personal life and freedom.

    Conservatives think this is a loss of freedom and the government should leave these kinds of personal decisions to the individual. Liberals get behind the government 100% and encourage them to do even more. Just make the use of tobacco a criminal offense and throw people who use it in jail. In almost the same breath these liberals will tell you that smoking marijuana should be legalized. It is a personal choice that the government is denying them.

    Then there is Obama care. Once again the government steps forward and declares they will now take charge of our medical and health care decisions. No longer will you be allowed to decide about your own medical care. Some faceless Washington bureaucrat will now decide for you who will be you doctor, clinic, hospital, health care plan, medications, surgical procedures, etc.

    Conservatives view this as government intrusion on their private lives and decisions. Liberals will tell you that total government control of you medical decisions is not a loss of freedom.

    Yes we are losing our freedoms. If you doubt this just go to any restaurant, grocery store, library, or within 25 feet of any privately owned office building and light up a cigarette. Shortly some government agent will come and fine you and possible arrest you for violating their control of your private life. Or wait until 2014 when Obama care kicks in. Refuse to pay for the health care plan they choose for you or see a doctor without the pre approval of the government. Then you can sit in jail and wonder if you are really losing your freedoms.

  • 8 years ago

    There is absolutely NO Doubt about it.

    Define Liberty and then start listing all the things Government is doing to give themselves more power and take power away form the citizen.

    The list is TOO Long to even bother to start here in this forum.

    You can make your own list of all the things Government has done to take away freedom from you.

    Just keep in mind that when you accept freedom, you must also accept the responsibility for the results of exercising the rights that you can use for both good and evil.

  • Batman
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    8 years ago

    That's debatable. Compared to some countries we have a lot of freedoms, but with the recent threats like SOPA and the upcoming bill that allows the military to keep anybody in custody without cause indefinitely, there is reason for concern.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Impossible. Freedom is a state of mind, nothing can touch that. But freedom has a price tag of responsibility. No free lunches, on this globe. Many yahoo questions and answers are spur of the moment ideas and have seldom been thought through thoroughly. (alliteration intended.)


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  • 8 years ago

    This is being done through regulations and removing our choices. It is meant to end consumerism to save the environment. With fewer choices in products, there will be fewer job opportunities. I believe the government will be hiring thousands and thousands of people to help with government regulations to make sure all are compliant. Citizens spying on citizens. How will they be paid with tax money when we have 30-50% of the population out of work? I seriously dislike the direction we are taking. That is not America. Environmental regulations are meant to be enforced by law gradually, even down to individual citizens.

  • John E
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    8 years ago

    Yes, and one of our biggest freedoms : Economic freedom.

    No job, no freedom.

    Paycheck smaller, less freedom.

    Bigger paycheck, more freedom, assuming stable currency.

    Inflated monetary policy = cheaper currency = lost buying power = decreased economic freedom.

  • 3 years ago

    Conservatives view this as government intrusion on their private lives and decisions. Liberals will tell you that total government control of you medical decisions is not a loss of freedom.

  • Gungy
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    8 years ago

    Look at it this way....every time you see your local, state or fed government "tell" you or "require" you to do something, not do something, purchase or not purchase something to the point of fines, penalties or imposed fees - your freedoms are slowly fading away.

    When it gets to the point that any public sector entity excessively regulates and injects itself into any private sector commerce product that you are required to become regulatory and compliant, your freedom has left.

    That's f**kin socialism and the libs who thumb down this are in pure denial of it and it changes not one fact of it!!!

  • Janian
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    8 years ago

    A modern country is never truly free.

    For example, you are no longer free to travel by air with liquids in your bag or anything that may be a 'weapon'.

    Or you can't just build a house wherever you want.

    You will never be truly 'free' (as you're always bound by laws) but you need to decide what level of freedom is acceptable to you.

  • 8 years ago

    You gain some, you lose some. The GOP is working hard to invalidate the Health Care Act so that poor sick people will once again have the freedom to die in the streets.

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