J Holiday - Bed 中文歌詞

最近愛上了這首歌 ' J Holiday - Bed '


嘿嘿,就請各位幫幫我摟 ! :))

謝謝 ^^

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  • 9 years ago
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    Put you to bed, bed, bed (x2) 哄你入睡,入睡,入睡 (x2)

    Girl, change into that Victoria's Secret thing that I like 女孩 換上我最喜歡的維多利亞秘密的內衣

    Alright, OK 沒關係 ok

    Tonight you're having me your way 今晚我任你處置

    Perfume, Spray it there 香水 灑在那

    Put our love in the air 在空氣中注入我們的愛

    Now put me right next to you 現在把我放在你身邊

    Finna raise the temp' in the room 即將提高房間的溫度

    First rub my back like you do 先像妳做的那樣搓揉我背

    Right there (uh huh) right there (uh) 就是那邊 (x2)

    You touch me like you care 好像妳在乎似的碰觸著我

    Now stop 現在停止

    And let me repay you for the week that you've been through 讓我補償妳上禮拜的苦

    Workin' that nine to five and stayin' cute like you do 九點工作到五點依然可愛 [A段]

    I love it 我喜歡You love it 你喜歡

    Everytime 每次

    We touchin' 我們互相撫摸

    I want it 我渴望

    You want it 你想要

    I'll see you 我與你

    In the mornin' 早上見


    Wanna put my fingers through your hair 想要用我的手指纏繞妳的髮

    Wrap me up in your legs 用妳的雙腿緊夾我

    And love you till your eyes roll back 愛妳直到妳失神

    I'm tryna put you to bed, bed, bed 我要試著哄妳入睡,入睡,入睡

    I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed 我要讓妳入睡,入睡,入睡

    Then I'ma rock ya body 然後我要震撼妳的身體

    Turn you over 翻轉妳

    Love is war, I'm your soldier 愛情有如戰爭 我是妳的士兵

    Touchin' you like it's our first time 像是初次般的碰觸妳

    I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed我要讓妳入睡,入睡,入睡

    I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed我要讓妳入睡,入睡,入睡

    I'm starin' at you while you sleep 我盯著妳入睡的模樣

    Irreplaceable beauty 無可取代的美麗

    Put my face up in your neck and breathe 我把臉埋進妳頸間深呼吸

    Take you into my senses 把妳融入我的感官

    Wake up it's time to finish 醒過來 該要結束

    Round two, round two 第二輪 第二輪

    Matter of fact, it's closer to three 事實上 已經接近第三輪

    She like, "How long I been sleep?" 她說 “我睡了多久?”

    Shawty kisses turn into the sweetest dreams 親吻變成了最甜蜜的夢

    Like give it to me 給我

    And I can feel her tell me 我能感覺到她對我說

    "My angel, this is wonderful" “我的天使,這太棒了”

    Thanks for letting me bless ya 感謝妳讓我祝福妳

    Come down, fly right 落下 正確地飛翔

    Drift back into heaven 漂浮回天堂 [A段]


    Watch the sunlight peak over the horizon 看著陽光乍露於地平線

    The sun ain't the only thing that's shinin' 不是只有太陽才會閃閃發亮

    Now I'ma send you out into the world with my love 現在我要用我的愛把妳送出世界

    Tell everybody, Ay 去告訴所有人

    Everybody 所有人


    Source(s): 自己翻 我省略掉了那些 唉唉唉 喔喔喔 之類的歌詞lol
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