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What are idioms or slang for vomiting/puking?

Do we say puking your guts out? Or perhaps spilling your guts out?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Woof your cookies, vomit, projectile vomit, barf, throw up,

    •Acid Chowder

    •An offering to the porcelain god

    Arguing with the worms


    •Barffalo Bill

    •Barking at the ants

    •Belch the Bile By-product

    •The Big Spit

    •Bile Geyser

    •Blow a hole in the bowl

    •Blow Chunks

    •Blowing Groceries


    •Calling Earl

    •Calling Huey on the big white telephone

    •The Call of the Walrus

    •Calling the Buffalos


    •Chow shower

    •Chuck a Veggie



    •Chunk eruption

    •Cleaning the pipes

    •Colon Explosion in Reverse

    •Delivering Street Pizza

    •Disembarking dinner

    •Doing the Hoakey Croaky

    •Downloading dinner

    •Driving the Porcelain Bus

    •Esophogeal Eruption

    •Evacuate all you ate

    •Feeding the fish

    •Fertilize the bushes

    •Five finger spray

    •Flash the hash

    •Gale Force Burp

    •Gastro Geyser

    •Going for the 2nd chew

    •Go the Nostril Sauce

    •Goulash gush


    •Gut Soup

    •Having an up and under

    •Having a Spit






    •Involuntary personal protein spill

    •Jazz up the carpet

    •Jettisoning the chunky cargo

    •Laughing at the ground

    •Launching lunch

    •Leggo my Eggo

    •Liquid burp

    •Liquid laugh

    •Liquid scream

    •Look for aardvarks

    •Lose your load

    •Make a map

    •Making your Big Toes go flat

    •Mouth crying

    •My cousin Ralph

    •Oral diahorrea

    •Salad shooter

    •Sing a rainbow

    •Smucking your yuck


    •Spitting the furry lifesaver

    •Spray the weeds

    •Parking a tiger

    •Parking your groceries

    •Pavement pizza



    •Reverse Defication

    •Reverse Diarrhea

    •Reverse Peristalsis

    •Reviewing your lunch

    •Review the menu

    •Ride the regurgitron

    •Rocket Launching


    •Round-trip meal ticket

    •Selling a Buick

    •Shout at Your Shoes


    •Singing New York

    •Snot the hotdog

    •Spill your Breakkie

    •Spraying a jet

    •Spray Puree

    •Taking the shortcut out

    •Talking on the big white telephone

    •Technicolour Yawn

    •3-D Burp

    •Throwing it into reverse

    •Throwing your cookies

    •Throw the Brown Cow

    •Toss the Slack-Mac's

    •Tossing your cookies

    •Turn on the tap





    •Up and Out




    •Vurp = a burp with a little vomit

    •Woof your Cookies

    •Worshipping the Porcelain god



    •Yawn a big bright chunky rainbow

    •Yelling at the ants


  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    What are idioms or slang for vomiting/puking?

    Do we say puking your guts out? Or perhaps spilling your guts out?

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  • 4 years ago

    Slang For Vomit

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    pick any word that has the -ing ending and change it to in' an idiom would be like: I was crackin' up or sit up also for slang you could say dey for they and fo' for for etc.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hurl, blow chunks, blow your wad, toss your cookies, spew chunks, lose your lunch.

  • 9 years ago

    Barf, throw up.

    you can also use the phrases you have mentioned.

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