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Hawks-Warriors trade idea?

Hawks acquire: Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins

Warriors acquire: Josh Smith, Kirk Hinrich and 2012 2nd-rd pick from Atlanta

Hawks projected lineup

PG Monta Ellis / Jeff Teague

SG Joe Johnson / Tracy McGrady

SF Marvin Williams / Vladimir Radmanovic / Pape Sy

PF Al Horford / Josh Powell

C Andris Biedrins / Zaza Pachulia / Keith Benson

Warriors projected lineup

PG Stephen Curry / Acie Law

SG Kirk Hinrich / Klay Thompson

SF Dorell Wright / Al Thornton

PF Josh Smith / Ekpe Udoh / Lou Amundson

C David Lee / Kwame Brown

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    Sounds good, I thought that a trade between the Warriors and Atlanta was bound to happen anyway. Smith might be incredibly athletic and talented and young, but he's got bad relationships with management in Atlanta, and Horford wants to play the 4. Ellis might be a great scorer, but he's undersized for his position, the Warriors are clearly going with Curry in the backcourt, and he's a bad defender (gambles too much for steals). On the other hand, Josh Smith is definitely going to see a bigger role in Golden State (he was like what, the 5th scoring option behind Johnson, the two Crawfords, and Horford last year, not to mention the other guards) so that could make him happier, and Monta Ellis, if he plays the PG position, would be more effective. If Atlanta decides they don't necessarily want Ellis and Biedrins, maybe they could get a third team in on this. Nice ideas.

  • TCN7JM
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    I think it would be a good trade because the Warriors desperately need a quality bigman and J-Smoove could be exactly who they're looking for!

    But, there are some flaws in your lineups.

    1. Benson over Pachulia.

  • 4 years ago

    no longer good. all and sundry however the only group that loses a extensive participant (Phoenix dropping Nash) wins in this. Phoenix's products that they get at the instant are not on the brink of adequate for Steve Nash, to make this finished element paintings, edit the commerce to get the Suns one effect participant, it ought to realistically be a blend of Jamal Crawford & Marvin Williams, or it must be Josh Smith or Al Horford.

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