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What's the real benefit in installing a K&N air filter and housing?

Interested in installing one on a 99 chevy tahoe-specifically the one with the washable filter

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  • 9 years ago
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    Installation of a K&N air filter offers many benefits. K&N High-Flow air filters are washable and reusable, offering a permanent replacement to purchasing disposable paper air filters over and over again. K&N air filters also offer excellent engine protection due to their design and high quality construction. Multiple layers of oiled cotton gauze allow dirt to penetrate into the filter media rather than building up on the filter's surface like most paper filters. This allows K&N air filters to have a high capacity for holding dirt as well as protecting your engine by trapping harmful particles.

    With a K&N intake system, you can remove your stock intake tubing and filter and replace it with a custom engineered intake tube guaranteed to increase the performance of your vehicle. K&N offers a replacement air filter for both engine sizes of the '99 Tahoe and an intake system for the 5.7L model. To view the available products for your Chevy, or to learn more about K&N filters and intake systems, log onto

    -Vincent Pistonetti

    K&N Product Specialist

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    5 years ago

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    K&N air filters were great aftermarket add-ons when cars had carburettors. The air speed and associated vacuum effect meant that the fuel/air ratio was maintained (assuming that the carb jets were capable of the fuel flow required.Current engines with management systems are carefully designed to use the air filter that they were designed to use. Arbitrary replacement of the filter with a K & N one could cause the system to run 'off map' i.e. in a way that it was never designed to operate, and would inevitably result in worse performance, rubbish fuel economy and potentially a fuel mixture so weakened that long term engine damage may result. Remapping the system may work, but can be costly, for not much power gain. So the answer is don't throw a K & N on just for the sake of it. Cars that are sold with K & N filters as standard have been specifically designed to use them.

  • 9 years ago

    I installed a K&N in one of my old cars. You're not going to gain 10 HP like some places online might claim. What you will get, once the engine gets adjusted to the new airflow pattern, is slightly more torque down low and a throatier engine sound from the intake. I lost about 1-2 MPG because of the increased fuel burn, but on a car with 110 BHP it was well worth it to get any extra little bump in first and second gear. (Once the engine revved up past 4500 RPM or so I saw no difference.)

    Otherwise, the only difference is that you pay $50 for one filter and use it for the life of the car, versus paying $10 every 10,000 miles. I guess you save money in the long run. I'd do it again if I ever had to buy another car powered by gerbils, but... I don't intend to ever buy another car with less than 200 HP. :-)

  • 9 years ago

    Nothing really. All your doing is saving yourself some cash by not having to buy the paper filters. I have one on my 2001 Dodge Dakota. The real difference would be if you were to install a cold air intake system

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't see any benefit to them.

    First off, the only time you get the extra HP is near redline, and you might get between 1-5HP.

    Secondly, you MPG will go down because the ECU will compensate for the extra air and it will put in extra fuel.

    Third, your CEL will probably come on.

    Fourth, you have to wash the filter regularly and put oil on it, too much and you'll foul up other sensors.

    To me they are a waste of money, and about the only thing cool about them is they have a nice sound.

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