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A day is one rotation of the Earth on it's axis. God created the world in 6 days.?

Before he created the earth, how did he know how long a day was?

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    He used maps a coordinates.

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    The first heaven and first earth was destroyed by the rebellion of Satan and his angels. Yahweh did not create another heaven and another earth but it was recycled. The words used were, "And God said," and not "And God created". All I know is that Adam was born on July 27, 4004BC, a Friday, the 6th day and Yahweh rested on July 28, 4004BC and it was Saturday. If you look at an astronomical chart, the 7th day was the first month and first day of the original Hebrew calendar, Tishri 1, and that's the same day that Jesus was born Tishri 1 on September 11, 3BC.

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    The Creative Days—24 Hours Each?

    Some fundamentalists claim that creationism rather than evolution explains pre-human history. They assert that all physical creation was produced in just six days of 24 hours each sometime between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. But in doing so, they promote an unscriptural teaching that has caused many to ridicule the Bible.

    Is a day in the Bible always literally 24 hours in length? Genesis 2:4 speaks of "the day that Jehovah God made earth and heaven." This one day encompasses all six of the creative days of Genesis chapter 1. According to Bible usage, a day is a measured period of time and can be a thousand years or many thousands of years. The Bible's creative days allow for thousands of years of time each. Further, the earth was already in existence before the creative days began. (Genesis 1:1) On this point, therefore, the Bible account is compatible with true science.—2 Peter 3:8.

    Commenting on claims that the creative days were only 24 literal hours in length, molecular biologist Francis Collins remarks: "Creationism has done more harm to serious notions of belief than anything in modern history."

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    The Bible became written in many languages that have been translated into present day English and extremely a number of the words do no longer promptly translate. working example, in Spanish "ser" skill an enduring state and "estar" is a momentary state yet they the two mean to be. it is how certainly one of those stuff gets puzzled. It relatively boils all the way down to what the unique language became saying. i think that the be conscious used meant a volume of time (which isn't inevitably an afternoon), yet some have faith that God created the international in 7 days and the international is barely 6000 some strange years previous. finally, what you have faith approximately it quite is as much as you. stable luck

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    Being God, He is the one that got to decide how long a day was.

    Rank has privileges.

    Before the first rotation of the earth on it's axis, a day was 24 hours long. That is how long a day has been ever since.

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    From what I gather, the entire universe was created in 6 days, and according to scholars, 6,000 years ago

    If I apply the mass of the planets and all other celestial objects in outer space, and apply the laws to gravity to them, there is no way the earth could be in it's current position, it would be too close to the sun for there to be life, also, the other planets wouldn't hold evidence suggesting that they are far older than 6,000 years. Also we see light from stars that reaches us from hundreds of millions of light years away, meaning that light has been traveling for hundreds of millions of years, therefore the universe must at least be as old as the farthest celestial object that we can see. Which is 14 billion light years away = universe AT LEAST 14 billion years old.

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    Such a question holds no meaning because God does not exist and the world was not created in 6 days.

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    I don't believe in God, but here's food for thought:

    A 24-hour day couldn't exist before the sun was created, no? And the sun wasn't created at first.

    So, philosophically speaking, couldn't the first days of creation spanned over THOUSANDS of years?

    This would reconcile the notion of God with the evidence of evolution.

    Source(s): Inherit The Wind. Great play, phenomenal message to the debate.
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    God is all knowing. Im sure god knows how long a day is.

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    Parlour tricks.

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