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Why aren't small breasts considered attractive?

Well, I'm a 34/36A.(in that region) I do wear pushups because well, I feel less feminine,less of a woman and they make me feel bigger? Until I take off my pushup then I feel small,unattractive again. Every guy ive been with would talk about big breasts,and liked them a lot more than smaller ones. I don't understand,why am I less attractive because of my breast size? I'm also small. I'm NEARLY 5'0, and I do a daily jog,or go swimming.I'm fine with my body because I have a flat stomach, and a long torso except...I don't have wide hips and big enough boobs. This really annoys me.I'm EXTREMELY self cousious of them. I barely even let a guy touch me.In anyyy way anymore. Not even have my OWN boyfriend kiss me because I feel like,that may lead to something more, and I don't want him to see how small my boobs actually are.I would NEVER get a breast implant,but I just really wanna know why guys like to wrap their brains around boobs?=/ (not in an offensive way if any guys read this) But why do guys like women to have atleast a B36 or bigger with wide hips....I get that's sexy,but what makes me so unattractive because of my small boobs?

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    I have never heard a guy tell me that small breast are unattractive. some men prefer small to large some men prefer butts and some legs. It sounds like this issue is all in your head. You have a boyfriend you should be happy.

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    Why Aren't Small Breasts Considered As Attractive? --

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    Hi Sweetie,

    Oh my goodness, you are so, so very wrong. How attractive you are has nothing to do with the size of your boobs, I promise you. It's all about self-confidence. If you like yourself, other people, including guys, will like you too.

    I do understand your anxiety, but trust me, small boobies are the best. Yeah, there are some guys who are only into big boobs. And the majority of them are virgins! Any guy who has actually ever been close to a woman knows that boobs are boobs, and most men love them all.

    Now I know you won't believe me when I tell you you're lucky to have small breasts! I realize it's difficult at your age, but trust me, as soon as boys grow up and become men, the size of a woman's boobs becomes far less important. In fact, a lot of men actually prefer women with small breasts.

    I'm a 36 year old woman and I wear a 34A bra, and you know what? My small breasts are possibly my best feature. I wear tops that accentuate how small they are, and I take pride in them. They're perfectly proportioned to my petite figure, and I wouldn't change them for the world.

    And you know what else? If I go to a club or a party, I have no trouble attracting guys. It's a myth that all guys want big boobs. What guys do like is self-confidence. I don't try to make mine look bigger, I celebrate what I have, and guys like that.

    As an experiment, try wearing a tight top some time, one that screams "I have small breasts, and I'm proud of them." I think you'll be surprised by the positive reactions you get.

    Take pride in what you have, project self-confidence, and lots of guys will be after you!

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    Unfortunately, society has created a mold that has made women feel like they need to be tall, clear skinned, curvaceous, long haired and well-endowed in order to be considered beautiful. Too bad for society that this is not the case! Most men (and women) realize that the models shown in ads are not always what they appear to be (check out the Dove Brand ads to see some examples), so your best bet is to ignore those ads and remember that you're real and they are not! As for breast size, it also depends upon the guy. Some men like curvy women, others like smaller more proportioned women. A lot of men also care about what is on the inside as well, what is on the outside it a plus!

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    It depends, if they're completely non existent then no, but an A or B cup perk breast is, in my opinion, far more desirable that something the size of a beach ball that by the time the woman reaches her 40's or 50's is going to be hanging close to her waist line. Be proud with what you have.

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    You didn't mention your age but i am going to go ahead and guess that your are young enough that the guys are at the age when they talk about boobs alot. Peer pressure would mean that not chiming in and saying something about big boobs when all their friends are doing it could make a guy uncomfortable at best and suspected gay at worst. You see, i believe as you get older you will see that there is a lot of men who prefer smaller breasted women - and for good reason. Ten years or twenty years down the road your boobs are going to be in pretty much the exact position and shape they are in now...that is a major bonus when your big-breasted friends will have boobs that look like hanging socks with tennis balls in them. You are a lot less likely have men make assumptions about you, your sexuality or your intelligence than your bigger breasted friends,which is something to be thankful for. Being your size means that clothes are easier to fit, you have more styles to choose from, and going bra-less is always an option, not an eyesore. I have heard from many men that their experience shows the bigger the boobs, the less fun in bed - as if their boobs should be enough to keep a guy busy just by the sheer fact they are there. Be grateful you will not suffer from back and neck pains or have to have reduction surgery as many big breasted women do. Your breast size seems to me to fit your body structure (as you've described it) pretty much perfect and i say get 'em out there with your boyfriend as soon as you can. Now is the time to find out if he is not satisfied with your boobs because if he isn't, he needs to move as there are many behind him who will be thrilled with them. An old dear friend of mine passed away not too long ago at the age of 89 and i am often reminded of her words of wisdom, quotes and general observations on her life that i was lucky enough to hear before she died. You have reminded me of the day that she sat gazing out the window with a glass of sherry in her hands and spoke of her deceased husband..."..I should have let Jack play with my breasts more often than i the later years he had his own but it was mine he loved and preferred." Some day if you're blessed with children you will have a whole new appreciation for those suckers - no matter how small they are. Try to enjoy your time with them.

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    The psychologists from the University of Texas today publish research showing that lovestruck men have only one thing on their minds: a woman's WHR - waist-hip ratio, calculated by dividing waist circumference by that of the hips.

    "We searched the literature for any reference to a female waist and examined every passage that contained each such reference," said Prof Singh. "As a control, we also searched for the words breast, hip, buttocks, leg, thighs, slim and plump and compared how often the authors referred to these characteristics as attractive."

    In contrast, while breasts had the most romantic references (219 entries), there were only 16 instances describing shape or size.

    There was only one reference for large breasts and three for small breasts, whereas 12 descriptions referred to the roundness of the breasts. "Apparently, it is the shape (roundness - a sign of youthfulness)," said Prof Singh.

    Source(s): This article goes on to explain why men are 'wired' to like women with such traits.
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    Heyy. What's up? My name's Gwenivere, let me tell you a brief story about myself which I believe may be of some Hẹlp to you... Growing up, I was teased all throughout high-school. You know, I was that girl with the really small breasts that everyone liked to make fun of. I did not hit puberty until a little bit later on in my life. People used to say all kinds of mean things to me, refering to my breasts as "man-boobs", "mosquito bite titts", "flat-chested" ... it just went on and on. I even had one boyfriend that told me that he was ashamed to be seen with me in public. The ridicule never seemd to end. Because of this, I went through school being very self-conscious about my appearance and my ability to get boys to like me. Even after puberty, I never made it past an A cup.. so my negative self-image carried on into college. The emotional scars left by those mean girls (and boys) from HS never quite faded.

    So, with that, I was determined to change my predicament. The thought of going through life feeling insecure about my body was unacceptable to me , especially during my college years. So what I did was a thorough, dedicated search. I scoured the web for answers. I spent several days and nights pouring through an endless amount of first-hand accounts and other personal experiences with various products and solutions. During this quest, I found precisely what I was seeking. It was a topical cream called "CurvyBust" @ .. The first bottle that they sent out was totally Frẹe, the only thing I had to do was pay for the S&H. This is the only reason I even tried it, normally I would be too skeptical to bother with something "too good to be true." All I can say is, unbelievable. I went up almost 2 cup sizes in just a matter of a couple months. You would not believe what this has done for my self-esteem and outlook on things. I almost feel like I have a new lease on life. There is nothing quite like feeling perfectly comfortable in your own skin again.

    Take care! I hope you find the answers you are looking for <3

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    I'm short as well 5'1 but I have C-cups. I think guys like bigger breasts because there's more to grab. Your chest looks fuller and less bony with more cleavage. & When you have hips your figure is less parallel. I'm saying this as a fully straight girl, curves are sexy. Go from a guys perspective. This is only physical. Would you rather be with Marilyn Monroe or Taylor Swift, body wise? They're both gorgeous, but Marilyn Monroe has a more full figure.

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    Guys can talk all they want about large boobs. But i can tell you from experience that they honestly dont treat you much different. I went from wearing an AA to a C within a year and if I hadnt pointed it out to my boyfriend (who sees them multiple times a week) he wouldnt have known. If you're only five feet tall than your breast size sounds proportional. The only reason you feel unattractive is because you lack self confidence, not because you actually are.

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