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Your AFC playoff predictions?

It's pointless doing NFC, Packers are all but a lock for the Superbowl, Saints can't play on the road and 49ers can't score enough.


1. Ravens (13-3)

2. Patriots (13-3)

3. Texans (12-4)

4. Broncos (10-6)

5. Steelers (13-3)

6. Jets? (11-5)


Jets at Texas- Jets, sorry Texans y'all have had a great year and have been super resilient but not having Schaub and the Jets road playoff experience wins them the game.

Steelers at Broncos- Steelers, no question, too good of a team and experience to lose to Tebow.


Jets at Ravens- Ravens, the defense is arguably better and will swarm Sanchez again.

Steelers at Patriots- Steelers, simply put D wins championships and the Patriots severely lack it.


Steelers at Ravens- Ravens, little biased-ness but I don't think Ray Lewis will let his last loss be to Pitt, and Flacco has proved he can win the game late against Pitt,

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    AFC Seeding:

    1. New England Patriots

    2. Baltimore Ravens

    3. Houston Texans

    4. Denver Broncos

    5. Pittsburgh Steelers

    6. New York Jets

    AFC Playoffs:

    Wild Card:

    Jets over Texans

    Steelers over Broncos

    Divisional Round:

    Patriots over Jets

    Steelers over Ravens

    Conference Championship:

    Patriots over Steelers

    Super Bowl XLVI: Patriots over 49ers

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  • 9 years ago


    1. Ravens (13-3)

    2. Patriots (13-3)

    3. Texans (12-4)

    4. Broncos (10-6)

    5. Steelers (13-3)

    6. Jets (10-6)

    Wild Card

    Jets @ Texans: Texans

    Steelers @ Broncos: Steelers


    Steelers @ Ravens: Ravens

    Texans @ Patriots: Patriots


    Patriots @ Ravens: Ravens

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Ravens 13-3

    2. Pats 12-4

    3. Houston 11-5

    4. Oakland 10-6

    5. Steelers 12-4

    6. Titans 10-6

    WC Round:

    3. Houston over 6. Titans

    5. Steelers over 4. Raiders

    Div Round:

    3. Houston over 2. Pats

    1. Ravens over 3. Steelers


    1. Ravens over 3. Houston


    Saints vs Ravens but Im not guessing the outcome of the SB

    Source(s): The Saints pull the upset in Lambeau Field in the Championship Game
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  • Nathan
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    9 years ago

    1. Ravens: 13-3

    2. Patriots: 13-3

    3. Texans: 11-5

    4. Raiders: 9-7

    5. Steelers: 12-4

    6. Bengals: 9-7


    Steelers over Raiders

    Texans over Bengals


    Patriots over Texans

    Ravens over Steelers


    Ravens over Patriots

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  • 9 years ago

    Did the ESPN Playoff Machine and got this:

    1. Pittsburgh (13-3)

    2. Denver (11-5)

    3. New England (11-5)

    4. Houston (11-5)

    5. Baltimore (12-4)

    6. Cincinnati (10-6)

    Bengals @ Patriots

    Patriots squeak by when their offense generates enough points but their defense almost fails them again. Dalton and Green have big days, but not enough.

    37-31 Pats

    Ravens @ Texans

    Ravens completely dominate the entire game, Yates can't get anything going, lone garbage time TD rush by Foster

    31-7 Ravens

    Patriots @ Broncos

    Tebow does it again, completely crapping on the worst defense in the NFL and winning in a shootout vs Brady due to a clutch moment in 4th

    41-35 Broncos

    Ravens @ Steelers

    Ravens do the triple over the Steelers, in a game where Lewis dominates and Roethlisberger just doesn't hit his stride.

    24-13 Ravens

    Ravens @ Broncos

    A great performance by the Ravens... for 55 minutes, Flacco flaps under the pressure and the game is 3-3 with 5 minutes to go when Tebow does his magic, and sends Denver to Indianapolis with a walkoff TD

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  • 9 years ago

    Agree with you all the way bro except im gonna say steelers over ravens of course,however if steelers dont make it i'd love to see the ravens ***** smack the packers.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm sorry Ed, but no way in hell the Jets win out

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