How exactly did Superman Die and Come Back Alive?

ok so from some places i hear and read or whatever that superman was fighting doomsday and that he died from exhaustion and then another one says that he gets vaporized or something by somebody and for how he comes back was that one says he saw uncle ben which im guessing is from spiderman and another one says he sees his biological dad and they both say he has more to live up to or whatever and his time is not now and then he gets back alive but another one says that he goes to the future and meets some immortal guy who brings him back and then i'm told that there's 4 new superman who are trying to take his place?

please explain 10 pts bes answer please and thank you

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    back in 1992 DC writers got the idea to Kill Superman... it started as a joke when plans for Lois and Clark's wedding was pushed back at the request of L&C TV Show Wrters

    according to the Novelization of the arc (may or may all be recognized canon) Superman's Powers are the result of absorbing Solar Radiation, when he does something Super, his power levels wane until he can get more sunlight... his heat vision, essentially venting radiation drains him the fastest

    as I recall he met Doomsday in Late Novemnber at around 10 am in western PA they fought their way east to Metropolis (Eastern Sea Board) for over 8 hours during which he was Blown up at least once, had a few buildings dropped on him... and he and Doomsday fought what can only be described as the MMA Bout from Hell a few blocks from the Daily Planet Superman was bloodied, battered, and cut repeatedly by Doomsday's bone spurs (check an online Pic, DD is all kinds of ugly) knowing his friends at the Planet were in danger and he was weakened, Superman unloaded on him with Heat Vision followed by a few choice desperation Punches then he collapsed and "died".

    once dead his body was claimed by Cadmus, reclaimed by some Supers and Buried by Lex (junior?sort of, its complicated) -- once Buried, Cadmus Stole him again and began experimenting... Supergirl (again Kind of the 90's were a weird time in comics) rescued and reburied him. the body vanished a 2nd time and 4 'supermen' appeared

    -- Superboy; now known as Connor Kent, was the result of Cadmus' experiments on the body a clone, who was not 'finished' when released from the lab w/o authorization, he was programmed with information Downloads, and actually hired lawyers and tried to trademark himself as Superman

    -- The Man of Steel, later shortened to 'Steel'; a former Army Weapon's Designer John Henry Irons, who Siuperman had saved not long before Doomsday arrived, he developed a suit of Armor (think a prototype of Ironman in Marvel for lack of a better visual) as a way to Honor Superman having saved him and avenge the fact that some of his Army weapons designs ended up on the streets in the hands of Gangs, he wore the \S/ but never claimed to be Superman in any way

    -- The Visored one -- Later revealed to be Eradicator, a Krypton AI, who'd previously attempted to manipulate Superman, he claimed to be the true Superman, and that only teh superman half remained... imagine a psycho Batman with Superman's Powers and then turn that up to 11... he out right killed an attempted rapist, and upon catching a safecracker, broke every bone in his hands and up to the elbow on each arm

    -- The Cyborg Superman -- former Scientist Hank Henshaw, subjected to Radiation and given the power to manipulate Tech, and driven bat sh*t Crazy, he blamed Superman for his mutation and death of his wife. prior to the Death Arc he went into self exile eventually teaming up with /subjugated Mongul... their mutual hatred of Superman led them to come to Earth for revenge, upon hearing of Superman's Death they decided to ruin his legacy by making it look like he betrayed the Earth

    -- the second disappearence was Eradicator taking him to teh Fortress, using him as a 'Battery' to charge his own powers

    -- while in this stasis Superman had a Near Death Experience in which he encountered Pa Kent (the stress of Superman dying caused Pa's heart condition to act up) in addition to Pa there were also some 'Kryptonian Grim Reapers' which may have been computer programs stimulating his mind designed to keep him in stasis

    -- after talking to Pa, he woke up and was removed from stasis... for various reasons he was essentially Mortal, but he took some weapons and a Mech, and returned to Metropolis... about the same time he arrived is when Cyborg and Mongul's plans were revealed

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    I'm sorry I don't know about this

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    Well, it depends..

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