Is it acceptable to wear tan or nude pumps with a short black dress and black tights?

I am going out on a much anticipated date next week, and I'd love to put my new nude 5 in. pumps to work! I'm wearing a mid-length black dress. It's too cold to wear a short dress without hose or patterned tights. Just needed some feed back if this would look good or not?

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  • Becky
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    9 years ago
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    Stephanie, Im afraid Adrian is right, usually nude pumps are meant to match the color of your skin tone and are usually worn bare legged/ without tights to give you the look of a longer leg. They always look good that way.

    The black dress with the nude pumps will look killer! I just don't know if the black tights are going to get the look you are going for, since they may actually blend in with your black dress and decrease the contrast. If you are usually comfortable wearing pumps without tights, which most women are because its more fashionable, then you have to ask yourself "how cold is too cold?" If your only going to be out in the cold breifly, and will be inside most of the night, more likely than not you can skip the tights and you'll be fine, as long as its above zero.

    Realistically, since most dates are inside most of the time, you can probably just wear the nude heels bare legged, and be perfectly fine and it will look better too. So, while you probably wouldnt want to go for a long walk over say ten or twelves blocks bare-legged if its well below freezing where you are; but honestly, if its that cold and youre wearing 5 inch pumps, you dont want to walk that far anyways, so you;ll probably just be walking to and from a car.

    That being said, I totally love nude pumps and highly recommend you wear them with any outfit you can pull off. If you are comfortable with it, then that confidence will show and your date will go great!

    Source(s): Im sorta a self-confessed shoe-a-holic. Hope your date goes great girl!
  • marci
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    4 years ago

    Short Black Pumps

  • 9 years ago

    Nude colored heels are supposed to create the look of a long leg because it's supposed to be the color of your skin. I wouldn't suggest wearing them with black tights. It may end up looking kind of silly...

    But, hey I haven't actually seen it on you, so it may look good.

    If you feel attractive in it, just wear it!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    If you wear black tights you will look like a goth and the people wont know where your dress ends and your legs begin! i would wear no tights ... tanned tights would make your legs look all shiny and you will probably sweat in them really easily!! i think you should wear no tights!! good luck!! hope this helps!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I wouldn't, but it really depends on the tights. It may work with your tights

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