Do they actually teach legalities of sex in Sex Ed?

Each day I answer questions on here from teens about having sex. They seem to not know any sexual acts before they are legal age of 16-17 by state law can get them in trouble. And dating ages are restrictive by those under legal age not being allowed to date those of age. They seem to know nothing about the "age of consent" laws. So just what is being taught in their schools about preventing this, and what "sexual assault on a minor" is, and what "statutory rape" entails?

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    Our sex ed class only taught us the basics. Things like how babies are made and how they grow and the signs of common STDs and there treatments if any. At some point we would spend the day with a teen mom so she could tell us all the down falls of teen motherhood. Honestly I think the schools should touch base on the legalities of sex, but that would be teaching more than the minimum curriculum requirements for graduating and i just don't see that happening any time soon. I would think if the issue got enough attention from concerned parents or other individuals that change could be made. The problem here is some parents dont see an issue when there 15 year old daughter is dating a 19 year old man or vice versa.

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    Sex Ed was a sorry excuse for an educational class about a very important thing. They were legally not allowed to talk about contraception and didn't talk about anything but anatomy and STDs or well now they are STIs. They didn't show how sex really worked and they really didn't talk about pregnancy. The public is so touchy about what their kids can hear. Yet can see rape on TV but they can't learn about sex or the bible at school.

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    My sex ed class didn't cover the legalities of sex. He did bring a box of different contraception methods to show us.

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    I graduated 1976 only remember of sexual diseases. I wish they would teach more but they don't. I had my teen daughter 15 seeing a guy at school 18. I complaint to the principal, they couldn't do anything. The school don't care.

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