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Navigating Glasgow//Newark airport?

is there like any advice or websites anyone can give me to help? >.< Flying alone for the first time next week. And im 16. No idea what to do in the airport :((

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    Check on the web both airports have sites which have a map of the airport. Basically you arrive at Airport departures look for your airline then checkin to your flight hand over(checkin ) your luggage get your boarding pass go to your gate for the flight. You will go thru security before you get to the gate at the gate check with the people there and they will help you get on the plane. Stash your things overhead or under your seat sit down buckle up hold on and enjoy the next 5 hours in the air. Hang on land Get up fetch your things get off plane. Then you get to meet CUSTOMS and immigration. Finish with them go out into airport arrivals level. Enjoy your visit. Thats the basics give yourself as much time as possible for checking in you should be at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight to get done what needs to be done.This will allow some time to get something to eat and drink before your flight. Drink lots of water at the airport the air is dry on the airplane and you will get thirsty 3-4 hours into the flight.During the flight get up and move around helps prevent leg cramps. Have fun take pictures out the window. Check out the airport web sites to see what each of the airports has and the basic layout. If in doubt ASK the staff are really good at helping you find your way. INFORMATION booths are also very useful

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    Always has a backpack, with a book or laptop.

    First time in those airports? Walk around and see what they offer. Discover shops and prices of foods in the restaurants.

    If you have done that, just sit down at a cafe, read a book or go online.

    Always spare at least 1/2 hour to walk from security check to the terminal. Some airport is so big that when you get panick, you get lost.

    Hope you catch the flight in plenty of time.

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