Do I list my Associates degree as a credential if I've decided to get my Bachelor's in the same field?

I enrolled in college with the intention of only obtaining an Associate's in Business Admin. Once I graduated, I decided to go on to get my Bachelor's in the same major, with the same school. Once that is completed, is it proper to list my AABA separately from my BBA? Or does it become one degree? In addition, I am chest deep in my Bachelor's so in the meantime, do I list it along with the AABA and label my status as 'currently enrolled' on say, resumes?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Since, they are in fact 2 separate degrees and you've already attained one, you'll want to indicate that on your resume along with the fact that you're currently pursuing your BBA with a project graduation date of .......

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  • 4 years ago

    maximum universities do no longer care in case you acquire an buddies diploma or no longer. they only seem to work out which you have comleted the final training standards mutually with history, English, a social technology, a organic technology and so on. with the aid of the way there are too many ecosystem technology majors for the style of jobs interior the sphere.

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