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Do you think i would look good with a lip ring or eyebrow piercing?

Okay so I'm getting a piercing done for my 16th birthday and i was wondering with i should get its out of eyebrow or lip



Thos are pictures of me so yeah any answer except none lol would be appreciated


I know that I'm defs gonna get one though so yeah and another question does it hurt to get it pierced at all?

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    basically none

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    9 years ago

    You have your settings locked on Facebook, I can't view them!

    Of course it hurts, but if you want it it is worth the pain. It is not like it hurts heals just a fair bit! :S haha! I'm sure if your scared you can get some kind of numbing cream or something to out in it :P

    Source(s): Life experience... Even though I haven't lived much of my life...
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