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How do you take a screenshot on a fujitsu?

I know where the print screen button is but in the key there is an END then under it in a box there is the prt scr i have tried pressing control and prt scr and the same with alt

My computer is running windows vista and beside my prt scr buton there is an insert key with scr and an arrow facing downwards in a box as well

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    Try looking for a key named "FN", it's usually in the left bottom side of the keyboard, press it at the same time as the prtscr one and it should work.

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    Look at the inscription on the PrtScr key. If it has the same color as the Fn key then it means you have to hold the Fn before pressing the PrtScr. Otherwise, it's just the PrtScr that you need to press and then open Paint to paste the captured screen.

    Incidentally, if you want to capture ONLY the active window that is not on full screen or maximized, hold the Alt key also before you press the PrtScr. Open Paint and paste.

    Also, do you know that there's a program that' similar to the built-in Snipping tool on Windows 7? It's called Snippy -- http://www.appatic.com/2010/09/snippy-portable-sni...

    You can easily choose the part of the screen that you want to capture so you just crop the area that you want without having to capture the Taskbar and the title bar of the opened window.

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    So Func+Ctrl+PrntScrn

    Or Func+Alt+PrintScr

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