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Why would you say God, Heaven etc doesn't exist when nobody really knows?

There is a reason people believe or don't believe in God, Heaven, Hell, Jesus etc, why? Because it is completely unknown & always will be. I get annoyed when people say "Christians are stupid" and "Heaven doesn't exist, it's just your imagination" etc... I mean, believe what you want to, but remember, there is never any knowing that God or Heaven/Hell do/don't exist. So don't try to act all "logical" by stating something doesn't exist when you really just have no idea.


There is no proof none of that doesn't exist. & if God showed his existence, and heaven, there would no be faith. God would want us to have faith. Also, there would be no reason to believe or not believe.

Update 2:

Maybe if some of you read ALL of my question you'd see that I'm also saying that there is no proof God or Heaven does exist. It goes both ways. Theres no need to call me names or make fun of what I'm saying.

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    It is true that no one can logically say there is no God when it is impossible to prove a negative and they have never experienced on a Spiritual level (not a material level) the existence of God. There are many people, however that know that God exists be cause they have experienced that God is real. When you experience the taste of a strawberry you can not intellectually prove what you tasted but you tasted it none the less and no one can logically say that you did not experience what you experienced.

    Many of us have not only experienced not only God but the truth of the Bible. Logic is a very useful tool but it is not the be all and end all of everything. Logic has big problems because it's base are axioms which are not proven but are considered true because supposedly they are obviously true to even the casual observer. Consider that at one time all scientists and everyone else was certain that the Earth was flat. This was obvious to them because of their limited technology but now every is sure that the earth is round, they've seen pictures from space. Since no one can ever be sure that the axioms are true then you can't be certain that the logical conclusions based on then are true either.

    So, some of us not only can but do know that God exists because we have been with Him and experienced the reality of Him. There are many witnesses that God is real. You can believe us or not but you can't say that no one knows for sure, I know for sure and so do millions of other people.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible. Logic and common sense. Have personally experienced the reality of The Most High God.
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    Well someone could say the there is no current evidence to indicate that heaven and god exists. It is true that no one will ever know whether god exists because everyone(including theists) are agnostics.

    "There is no proof none of that doesn't exist." There's a slight problem with that. Theists are the ones claiming that a god exists. If someone is going to claim something, they have to show empirical proof in order to prove its existence. Atheists didn't first come up with the claim that god doesn't exist. What atheists did was challenge the claims of theists by saying "well if you say a god exist then prove it". So far no theists have been able to prove gods existence, and therefore atheists don't have to believe in god because they neither initially claimed a god existed nor did not exist. Atheists are basically challenging the conclusions of god existing proposed by theists, not initiating a conclusion saying god doesn't exist.

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    Mmm I agree. It depends what kind of atheist you are, but I mean if you are positive/strong atheist, as in affirming that God does not exist, then it is a bit of a double standard if you go and criticize others for their faith. The only way anybody can know is through The Theory of Everything, which is currently impossible, as shown by Gödel many many years ago . Stephen Hawking sums it up in a sentence or two; 'But we are not angels, who view the universe from the outside. Instead, we and our models are both part of the universe we are describing.' ((Gödel and the End of Physics)). This is an extract from what he wrote after looking into The Theory of Everything. In 1988 Hawking stated that he expected in his own lifetime to discover the final theory, but in 2004 concluded that it was not possible. :) You are correct, nobody really knows. Anyway that's enough religious chat for me, I can't stand this place, lol

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    Once you have an agreed-upon definition of a term such as God or Heaven, then applying well-established scientific facts and clear reasoning and logic to the question of existence can proceed. So long as there is no agreed-upon definition, you are right: nobody really knows.

    I will say, however, with great confidence, that the existence of a God anything like the one described in the Bible is logically impossible. If you want to believe there is some possibility out beyond what we can describe, that's your privilege. I have no need of such a hypothesis.

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    Well Assie anybody who says they know there is a god existing or they know that a god is not existing, Are basically the same kinds of egotistical people. They some how believe that by inflating their egos, will make what they say to be absolute truth. And because they have convinced themselves that what they believe is truth, Then they even get to stroke that superior complex even more.

    The sad thing is they don't understand that in order to have a superior complex you first must have an inferior complex. But heck why should they care when they get that ummmm ummmm feeling of false confidence. It makes them happy campers

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    Why would you say Optimus Prime, Cybertron etc doesn't exist when nobody really knows?

    There is a reason people believe or don't believe in Optimus Prime, Cybertron, Unicron, Hot Rod etc, why? Because it is completely unknown & always will be. I get annoyed when people say "Transformers are stupid" and "Cybertron doesn't exist, it's just your imagination" etc... I mean, believe what you want to, but remember, there is never any knowing that Optimus Prime or Cybertron/ Unicron do/don't exist. So don't try to act all "logical" by stating something doesn't exist when you really just have no idea.

    Source(s): Optimus Prime gave his life to save us, then rose again. Not once, but seven times so far.
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    That's the stupidest thing I've heard on these forums.

    Why would you do the opposite?

    Why would you say God,Heaven etc. DOES EXIST when nobody really knows?

    There's no reason to say it doesn't, no reason to say it does, so why would you say it does anyway!

    Source(s): When agnostic, do the logical thing and become atheist. There's no reason to be agnostic theist. Faith is not required. Disciples saw Jesus perform miracles, ressurected, and that is evidence, not faith.
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    There might be a big g-o-d but religion can not be true. There's too many of them and they all plagiarize from each other and claim they are the only "truth". Is the christian, jewish, muslim, or pagan heaven real? Most likely none.

    It's the same as saying santas real. We don't really know he's not, do we?

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    I agree that until we have evidence of the supernatural that we cannot say for sure that it does or does not exist in some form or other. We also cannot do that for unicorns, smurfs, or silicon-based life-forms. However, just because we cannot disprove something does not justify belief in those things. That is the Argument from Ignorance.

    In the case of Christianity, I can say definitively that their version of god does not exist. This is because their god is given self-contradictory characteristics. A god cannot issue perfect justice and show mercy at the same time. Yet these are both things that the Christian version of god is described as doing. Self-contradicting definition = being does not exist.

    There are many other versions of "god" that might exist, just not that one and a few others that fit a similar situation.

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    There's no reliable evidence for God/Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, Zeus, Vishnu, Thor, or any of the thousands of other gods that people have worshiped. If any of the major gods existed, there would be reliable evidence. Since no such evidence exists, these gods do not exist. There's also extensive evidence that they are all just myths, created to help soothe our fear of death, and perpetuated through religion to subjugate the underclass into obedience.

    Science has shown that there's no need for gods to explain the traditional reasons for a god -- origin of the universe, origin of life, origin of species, origin of humans, origin of morality. Science also shows us the psychological reasons that people believe in god(s). See the 1st link, "Andy Thomson: Why We Believe in Gods."

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