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    This "是我特地為你學習並且第一次嘗試" sentence is kind of weird to me, because it doesn't make any connection to the sentence before this. Maybe, My Chinese isn't good enough. Without fully understanding, it is hard to translate. After all, it needs to be logical.

    2011-12-14 02:32:30 補充:

    I think, Prisoner strikes me on my head hard enough, I think I understand it now.

    2011-12-14 02:58:15 補充:

    Knowing you from the beginning of the year until now the end of the year, there were lots of things have happened. To me, this year means a lot. I have made many decisions and tried my best to accomplish things that I want to do. The most important one is to meet and get acquainted with you.

    I very appreciate for your company, Hopefully, we can become, like you said, better and better.

    Under the condition by asking a boss of a crafts store and making it that almost causes cramping on my hands, this is how this gift is made by me.

    It is my first attempt and learning in doing so. This is especially for you.

    During this process, I have experienced many emotion. It doesn't matter that I got mad with you or I love you even more. This little by little cumulation of feeling is dense and lengthy. Hopefully, you will like it.

    (My gift is a scarf)


    Sorry that I didn't read your sentence carefully enough and ask a non-sense question in opinion. To repay my mistake, I tried my best to translate it. Hopefully, it doesn't deviate too much away from your original meaning.

    2011-12-14 04:08:03 補充:

    Can someone teach me how to make a scarf for Prisoner ?

    2011-12-15 07:36:34 補充:

    Don't worry, this strike is different from that strike. This strike is more like "knock on my head" and say "anybody home?"

    2011-12-15 11:55:12 補充:

    No, but I was a teacher, but not an English teacher ! I guess I am really disqualified by the asker's requirement. Shall I remove my answer?

    2011-12-15 12:10:14 補充:

    As far as my Taiwanese is concerned, it is my native language, so even thought I have not used it for a long while, I think it is still better than my English.

    2011-12-16 02:17:20 補充:

    OK, for the sake of his scarf, I will keep it on. Thank you Prisoner !

    2011-12-16 23:33:08 補充:

    Please tell me what you mean by "colloquial"! As a translator, we can do as what your original statement has stated. We cannot change its meaning. If it is not colloquial, then give me an example translation of a sentence in your statement, so I can understand what you mean.

    2011-12-16 23:35:48 補充:

    By the way, to you, your Chinese might be colloquial. When you translate it into English, there is some restrictions due to English sentence structure. Therefore, one cannot always use a simple sentence to translate Chinese. If "simple sentence" is what you mean by colloquial.

    2011-12-16 23:38:09 補充:

    Yes, majority of daily verbal conversation are in simple sentences. Nevertheless, in writing, one may not always be able to do the same due to the sentence structural difference between Chinese and English.

    2011-12-17 06:52:05 補充:

    Don't worry about it ! Everybody, doesn't matter at what level his English is, has his own share of embarrassment. When I started conversing with Americans 30 years ago, I was always a laughing stock for them.

    2011-12-17 06:56:22 補充:

    maybe, it is a small mistake, but it is STILL a mistake. Of course, it is my carelessness. Therefore, don't feel bad! It is OK to make mistake!

    2011-12-17 06:56:27 補充:

    Even now, I still made mistake occasionally, like this question:

    I carelessly use an "adjective" after what as "what different it has". It shall be "what difference it has".

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    Obviously, Mr. Big Mellon has too much brain (logic?) to have this translated.

    Personally, I will take home-made scarf anytime. I just lost one in the airport last night. Could you make one for me too?

    2011-12-15 07:34:02 補充:

    Last time I handled (stroke?) a big mellon, it broke and that was how I got into the prison. Striking mellon no more, dude! I have only 2 more trikes left.

    2011-12-15 11:36:55 補充:

    This dude is wondering if Big Mellon understand Taiwanese at all?

    Are you a English teacher, Big Mellon? If not, you are disqualified.

    2011-12-15 20:19:51 補充:

    I think you need to hold on to your answer - this dude is giving away home-made scarf as stated in his question (我送圍巾啦><).

    2011-12-16 21:51:29 補充:

    Of course, if a mellon finds it useless to have a scarf (where can a mellon put on a scarf anyway?), send it this way.

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    2011-12-16 23:08:10 補充:

    Sorry~My Engilsh is not good. I am not sure this answer is my need.I need easy and colloquial.

    2011-12-17 00:11:26 補充:

    I think I understand your mean now.I feel embarrassed.

    2011-12-20 01:20:15 補充:

    Thanks for your help.That's very great of you.

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