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以下文章 為中文

I am very sorry for having taken so long to reply to you ( ´,_ゝ`), and I will try to always reply to you as soon as I can so that you're not waiting around for so long for my e-mail ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞

I am very glad that your friends are around you now. It must be very nice.

I am staying at my Vietnamese friend's house right now, and it is very nice to be surrounded with friends.

A good way to practice by yourself is to read the introductory book:

Everything is written in the book, and it also includes pictures of how to practice. There are also videos on the website, but I would recommend reading the whole book through at least once. You'll understand a lot after you read the book.

Wouldn't that be wonderful if my entire letter to you is written in Chinese? Soon I'll start practicing and we can exchange a little bit.

Where did you first learn to speak English? I think that your English has improved from when we first started to talk to each other. :) It is better now.

I haven't eaten traditional Sushi rolls from Tainan, but someone told me about them and told me that they were delicious.

It's been raining here in Florida for the last several days, and it has also become rather chilly. Has it become colder in Taiwan?

Have a good night. And enjoy the rest of your day.

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    抱歉拖那麼久才回覆你. 以後我會儘可能早點回信以免讓你等太久. 很高興你有朋友可以陪伴著你. 我現在暫住在越南朋友家, 我也很開心有朋友的陪伴.


    裡面有詳盡的解釋, 也有圖解. 網站上還有影片. 但我還是建議你至少把書讀完一遍. 然後你就可以懂得很多. 如果我能用中文寫信給你該有多好? 我馬上會開始練習, 我們先相互練習一下吧.

    你在哪裡開始學會說英文的? 我覺得從我們開始彼此交談到現在, 你的英文有很大的進步哦!

    我還没去吃台南傳統的潤餅, 有人和我說到潤餅, 還說非常好吃.

    過去幾天, 佛羅里達一直在下雨, 而且變得很冷. 台灣變冷了嗎?

    祝你有個美好的夜晚, 也願你天天愉快.

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    如果我的是都是寫中文會不會比較好? 之後我會開始練習.



    我還沒吃過台南的traditional Sushi rolls (傳統壽司捲??).





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