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Needle stick injury, What do i do ?

I am a dental assistant, i've been for 2 years... never experienced a puncture before because i take precautions when i dissemble the anesthesia syringe.

Performing a minor gum surgery, the doctor was wearing the magnifying eye goggles where he can only see the area he's working on and nothing else... He pulled out the needle and punctured me, I said nothing, but it hurted.... I then 5 minutes later when he was done with the surgery i went and reported it to him, he got really scared and said to go wash it right away with soap and water... so i did.... then i reported it to my manager, and she said that it was fine, not to worry about anything... i played cool.... and a week later asked her if i should go tested and if the company would cover that expense... she said not to worry, that she would record it in the OSHA needle stick book... and that all would be fine.... As a healthcare provider i know what to do, i should go and get checked.... but should i do something else? its been about a month now... and i havent done anything... any other experienced health care workers out there with the same issue or any one willing to share what to do?

Thank you.

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    Your manager needs to be reported to OSHA. That was the WRONG way to handle the stick.

    You need to be tested, and so does the patient. It may already be too late to offer you effective treatment if it turns out that the patient has hepatitis or HIV.

    If your employer does not have a place for you to be tested, contact your primary care doctor and see if you can get the proper testing and, if necessary, treatment, done.

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    The law says the dentist has to cover all testing from a needle stick, They have to write it up and do follow up care. The dentist has to offer hep b shots with in 10 days of ur employment, if the staff is over 10 they have to wash your uniforms for you. And they have to take care of you in an incident like this.

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  • 9 years ago

    I would get tested for all disease just to b on the safe side

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