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what is the standings for the nfc wild card?

what are all the standings, and which teams are playing which, meaning what teams are the wild card hopeful teams going to be facing, in the next 3 games?????

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    Current NFC Standings:

    Division leaders:

    1. Green Bay Packers (13-0) remaining schedule: @ Kansas City, vs. Chicago, vs. Detroit

    2. San Francisco 49ers (10-3) remaining schedule: vs. Pittsburgh, @ Seattle, @ St. Louis

    3. New Orleans Saints (10-3) remaining schedule: @ Minnesota, vs. Atlanta, vs. Carolina

    4. New York Giants (7-6) remaining schedule: vs. Washington, @ New York Jets, vs. Dallas

    Wild Card leaders:

    5. Atlanta Falcons (8-5) remaining schedule: vs. Jacksonville, @ New Orleans, vs. Tampa Bay

    6. Detroit Lions (8-5) remaining schedule: @ Oakland, vs. San Diego, @ Green Bay

    In hunt for Wild Card:

    7. Chicago Bears (7-6) remaining schedule: vs. Seattle, @ Green Bay, @ Minnesota

    8. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) remaining schedule: @ Tampa Bay, vs. Philadelphia, @ New York Giants

    9. Seattle Seahawks (6-7) remaining schedule: @ Chicago, vs. San Francisco, @ Arizona

    10. Arizona Cardinals (6-7) remaining schedule: vs. Cleveland, @ Cincinnati, vs. Seattle

    Eliminated from Wild Card contention, but can still win division:

    11. Philadelphia Eagles (5-8) remaining schedule: vs. New York Jets, @ Dallas, vs. Washington

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    Current 1 through 6.

    Green Bay

    San Francisco

    New Orleans

    N.Y. Giants



    Still Alive 7 through 11






    The rest of the NFC teams are mathematically eliminated.

    Source(s): Somebody else will have to go through all of the work to find out 11 teams schedules. I'm going to dinner.
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    The Vikes do not look solid in tiebreaker circumstances, except we will beat the 'Skins next week so that they are out, the Saints have the only precise convention record out of all 3 so that they win maximum tie circumstances.

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    my falcons are in position for the no. 1 wild card, and they play the jaguars, colts, and saints.

    the lions are positioned for the no. 2 wild card, and they play the bears, chargers (i think) and packers.

    in the hunt: bears, cowboys, seahawks.

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