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emergency urine test advice?? help!?

So i got a letter in the mail today from VASAP (virginia asap). My last drug test was too diluted to process and they want me to take another tomorrow. I thought I was done after my last one, so there's no way my urine will pass. The letter says that if I don't show, the case will go to court straight away. What should I do?

I've thought about telling them that I've gone home for christmas break (these piss tests are at college), and that I'm about to fly to California or something for vacation. (I'll say I had my roommate open my mail)

Either that or I'd somehow use someone else's urine, any way to pull that off on short notice? It needs to be a certain temp, and I don't have a whizzinator or anything.

Any advice would be appreciated!


shut up dee, we're talking about ******* pot.

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    Sorry, Bubba. You screwed YOURSELF!

    Might as well face the music & get it over with.

    Merry Christmas!

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    8 years ago

    DUMB ***!!!! stop using!

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