Why didn't James Horner compose the music to "The Passion of the Christ"?

The movie "The Passion of the Christ" directed by Mel Gibson has John Debney as the composer of the film. Score is one of my favorites but I was wondering why didn't James Horner write the music for the film? Reason I ask is because he has always worked with Mel Gibson on all his movies but this one. Anybody know why that is? Thanks.

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    It seems that Gibson's inability to decide what he wanted (see below) excluded Horner until it was impractical - Debney's religious fervour and reputation for doing what his employers wanted without striving for artistic independence may have helped too. He certainly wasn't the first choice.

    From my source

    "Gibson's production suffered from a serious case of indecision when it came to its music; with Gibson attempting for an ultra-accurate, original-language portrayal of Jesus' death, the first reported idea was to have no musical score at all. Rumors circulated that James Horner was interested in the project. Then, talk involved romantic female composers such as Lisa Gerrard and Rachel Portman, who, in hindsight, would have had no chance to compose what Gibson would eventually decide upon for his film's musical identity. Portman did indeed have the job until her pregnancy caused her to bow out gracefully. The assignment eventually went to Hollywood utility man John Debney, a composer fresh off of Bruce Almighty and Elf, two scores that were quite typical in his comedy-dominated scoring career. Another devout Christian himself, Debney has attributed prayer for receiving some of the inspiration for this score. Much light-hearted discussion resulted when Debney admitted that he blamed technical difficulties during the recording and editing of this score on the forces of Satan, even claiming to run out into the parking lot to confront his demons in these regards. Any number of references to End of Days could work here. No matter your opinion about Debney's sanity or religious beliefs due to these silly revelations, at least it conveyed a sense of the composer's own passion for the project."

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