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stealing and negative energy.... true or false? help pleasee!!!!?

i dont know if its all in my head or what but my game for my nintendo ds got stolen and i have a clue as to who it is but personally this feeling like the life is being sucked outta me when im playing other games that i have is apparent and weird? do you think the person sent me lots of negative energy? or do you think me thinking about the event is making it worse? or am i just freaking out?

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    I think that you are creating negative energy for yourself. I think that you dwelling on this is making you angry which created negative "vibes" if you know what I mean. I think that you need to face this person who you think it was. Just try not to get into trouble. If you don't get your game back, you could always ask for a new one for Christmas or for your birthday or try to just move past it. It's best to let these things go. I remember when I was younger I once had a Gameboy game that I lost for years that I thought the TSA at the airport lost while searching my bag in some random search. I learned to get over it and a few years later, I actually found it deep in my bag before I was about to throw it out because it was so old and disgusting. So that also means that you could have lost it. I swear when I was younger I searched all through that bag and I could not find it anywhere.

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    I think the best way to get out of feeling this way is for you to talk to the person who you think stole it. That way you can clear up any misunderstandings and hopefully undo what damage has been done. This way you can stop having negative energy coming at you. Dwelling on it is only going to make it worse!

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    I used to have faith interior the evil eye yet no longer anymore yet i in my view hate the jealous sort and that's adequate of a reason to distance your self from will understand after 10 years you will evolve into an entire new individual and he or she will have the capacity to be in simple terms an analogous

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    it sounds like voodoo using a personal item to mess with you it could be that they have your game in a doll of you and are sapping your energy (im not sure how) but usually people just burn them or stick needles in them

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    It may be karma. Did you do something to the person you think stole it?

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