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YWWE Raw pick winners and rate matches and show?

GM- Abraham Washington

WWE Champion- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Intercontinental Champion- Finlay

European Champion- Cody Rhodes

Women's Champion- Angelina Love

World Tag Team Champions- Orlando Jordan and Heath Slater

Abraham Washington comes out flanked by Eric Escobar. He says that tonight there will be a 20 man battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Championship at TLC. And he is personally endorsing Eric Escobar to win. And he believes that Escobar CAN win and go on to face Steve Austin in a Tables Match. Also there will be a 6 man TLC match consisting of Edge v Matt Hardy v Jeff Hardy v Bubba Ray Dudley v Devon Dudley v Christian with the winner receiving a title shot at Royal Rumble. Also tonight, Edge will take on Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in a Triple Threat match. Abe looks at Escobar and tells him to do what they discussed earlier. Escobar leaves the ring and beats Jim Ross down which prompts Steve Austin to run down to save Ross.

1. Samoa Joe v Ezekiel Jackson

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio talks about his Intercontinental Title Match last night and how somehow that old leprechan, who no on really cares about, Finlay got the win over him. He says it was his destiny to be the Intercontinental Champion. It still is. Finlay comes out and says he wants to see how well Del Rio can back his words up. He will be watching Del Rio tonight

2. Alberto Del Rio v R-Truth (Finlay on commentary)

Post Match- Ricardo Rodriguez comes in to attack Finlay, but Finlay hits a Celtic Cross on him then turns around to have Alberto Del Rio lock in the Cross Arm Breaker.

3. Kane v Abyss

JBL is backstage with Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Orlando Jordan. JBL is yelling at them all for not assisting him in beating Randy Orton last night. Wade Barrett fires back and says he and Otunga haven't been paid well enough to continue to help JBL. JBL says he pays them both very well and they are still employed by him. Barrett tells JBL that maybe they don't want to be associated with JBL anymore. JBL shoves Barrett which prompts Barrett and Otunga to attack JBL. Orlando Jordan assists JBL while Heath Slater just looks on

4. Orlando Jordan & Heath Slater v Bo & Duke Rotundo

5. Edge v Jeff Hardy v Matt Hardy (Triple Threat match)

Interveiw with The Rock. He says he and Austin put on two great matches at back to back PPVs. He says that he came up short both times. But its not over. Not by a long shot. He may have to wait until after TLC and let one of the younger guys get a shot. but he will claim the WWE title sooner rather than later. IF YA SMELELELLELEL what The Rock.... is.... cookin.

6. Owen Hart v Alex Riley v Wade Barrett v David Otunga v Joey Mercury v Luke Gallows v Finlay v Hernandez v Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart v "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels v "Rowdy" Roddy Piper v Crimson v Roaddogg v Billy Gunn v William Regal v Vladimir Kozlov v Jesse Neal v Eric Escobar v Ahmed Johnson v Carlito

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    Promo 1-8/10

    Match 1-winner Samoa Joe-8/10

    Promo 2-8/10

    Match 2-winner Alberto Del Rio-7.5/10

    Post Match-8/10

    Match 3-winner Abyss-9/10

    Promo 3-8/10

    Match 4-winners Bo & Duke Rotundo-5/10

    Match 5-winner Matt Hardy-9/10

    Promo 4-8/10

    Match 6-winner William Regal-7/10

    Wade Barrett eliminates Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

    Carlito eliminates Ahmed Johnson

    Finlay eliminates "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

    Owen Hart eliminates David Otunga

    Alex Riley eliminates Eric Escobar

    Luke Gallows eliminates Roaddogg

    Crimson eliminates Luke Gallows

    Crimson eliminates Billy Gunn

    Hernandez eliminates Jesse Neal

    Carlito eliminates Joey Mercury

    Owen Hart eliminates Alex Riley

    Finlay eliminates Vladimir Kozlov

    "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels eliminates Hernandez

    Carlito eliminates Crimson

    Owen Hart eliminates Carlito

    William Regal eliminates Finlay

    Owen Hart eliminates Wade Barrett

    "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels eliminates Owen Hart

    William Regal eliminates "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

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    Promo 1(9/10)

    Match 1(winner Ezekiel Jackson)(9/10)

    Promo 2(8/10)

    Match 2(winner Alberto Del Rio)(8/10)

    Post Match(9/10)

    Match 3(winner Kane)(10/10)

    Promo 3(9/10)

    Match 4(winners Bo & Duke Rotundo)(7/10)

    Match 5(winner Jeff Hardy)(10/10)

    Promo 4(9/10)

    Match 6(winner Crimson)(8/10)

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    Opening Segment: Nice way to star the show, and push feuds/matches. 9/10

    Match 1-Joe is gonna kill you, and he takes the win. Nice big man match. 8/10

    Promo: ADR talks some nice trash. 8/10

    Match 2-R Truth with the upset. 8/10

    Post Match: That sucks for Finlay. 8/10

    Match 3-Another nice big man match. Abyss steals one. 8/10

    Promo: Wow, that's a twist. 9/10

    Match 4-That's a lot of rookies and OJ. Team Rotunda wins. 7/10

    Match 5-MOTN! Heck yea! Fat Hardy wins in a cheap way. 10/10

    Interview: It's The Rock. Nice promo. 9/10

    Match 6-I see a lot of jobbers, lol. William Regals grabs the win + upset. 8/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 49/60

    Segment/Promo Value: 43/50

    Show Value: 92/110 B

    Show Wrap Up:

    Match of the Night: Match 5!

    Trash of the Night: Match 4!

    Promo of the Night: The Rock's interview

    Closing Comments:

    **Really good show. Solid B. I am liking the revamped Rock and Austin feud. You should leave O.Jordan off your show, in my opinion, he stinks. Overall, this was a damn good show.

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    Promo #1 - 8.5/10.

    Match #1 - 9/10

    Promo #2 - 8/10

    Match #2 - 8.5/10

    Post Match - 9/10

    Match #3 - 10/10

    Promo #4 - 9/10

    Match #4 - 8.5/10

    Match #5 - 9/10

    Promo #6 - 8/10

    Match #6 - 9/10

    Overall rating - 9/10

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    How can I pick the winners if this crap is predetermined by the script writers? Wrasslin' is fake and pointless.

  • 9 years ago

    you kno what f***** u man up top and yesss good match card

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