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I just want to be someone else?

I don't know what to do, I see all these other people posting about there problems and how they want to commit suicide etc. and I feel so awkward, unimportant... but here I go. Its just I don't like myself, I feel so embarrassed to go out because im so ugly, I have all these acne scars and my face is red and greasy, I go to a dermatologist for over a year now and nothing has helped. I know I could never kill my self though, I couldn't do that to the people around, no matter the number it affects. I have no friends really , im my phones contacts list I only have 2 people who are not related to me, I just want to talk to somebody. And the girl I like I know would never like me, shes older so pretty, she doesn't even know my name, prop ably never will, but it kills me everyday how lucky she is to be so beautiful, I just want to talk to her and be friends with her so bad, and I feel like I could be better to her than anyone else ever has, but its never going to happen its so unrealistic and I cant get it out of my head.. And its not that I want to kill myself I just wish there was a way I could start over as new person. Im so awkward and shy I just want to start as someone who's not, who doesn't have all these problems like me, a person that this girl would like, I wish I could tell all these people at my school how lucky they are, to be so nice looking, have to many friends and to be born into these family's where they can afford anything they want. And when I see the people I have to sit at tables with at school , and it makes me feel bad to say this, but how unattractive and awkward they are and how I am part of that group. Also it makes me feel extremely bad to say this but how unattractive my parents, and sister is also. It makes me feel like im going to cry all the time. I know im young 17, I know how many kids have these problems, I know people will say "this is how all teenagers feel" or "life will get better as you get older", "you will find someone when your older" and all that. But that does not help me now... as I said before I can hardly go a night without crying in bed, and I feel terrible everyday. I want to talk to someone but no, I don't want to see a counselor, I don't want to talk to my parents, maybe they can make me feel better about myself, but it wont change who I actually am. I don't know, I just want someone like me to talk to... I just want to start over. Im sorry its so long I just needed to get it, and I know its so dumb and unoriginal, but they are the problems im having and I don't what to do, or where else to go.

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    honestly, consueling won't help you. you need to just get your feelings out to someone. you could text me at 1-646-595-8583 /: my name is samantha & i suffer from depression. i think im so ugly & nobody likes me. i want to kill myself and cut myself all over my body. i want to cry myself to sleep. i look at everyone and i see that they are all better and prettier than me. ALL the guys i ever liked, none of them wanted me. there all assh*les thats why. i know they are, but i guess im the asshole thats why im alone.

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    Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling really down. It sounds as if you may be suffering from mild to moderate depression. I suggest you talk to a parent or trusted adult so that you may get some help. Counseling is a good way to sort out your issues in a non-judgmental environment. Best of luck to you.

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  • 3 years ago

    in case you go with more advantageous 'clean and tidy' activities, then you honestly might want to bathe different flooring, dirt and varnish, clean homestead windows, have a replace round with furnishings, set up issues otherwise, variety with the help of your kitchen etc Or some thing relaxing, pass out and keep till eventually you drop!

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