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How can I shrink my stomach?

Is there anyway I can shrink my stomach without starving myself or surgery? Please help me!

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    you should wear a really tight belt around your stomach all the time, you should eat with it on, you should sleep with it on and you should go to the bathroom with it on.

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    Its impossible to "shrink" your stomach

    You may not believe me, but Ive gone for many years to a nutritionist because of an ED I suffered from when I was 12...and yeah, not possible to make your stomach smaller

    In surgery, they do not shrink your stomach...usually they tighten a band around your stomach and connect your intestines to the upper half of your stomach...making it where you cannot eat as much and feel more full.

    If you are interested in losing weight, dont go on fad diets...or any diet at all.

    Its not about dieting, its about a LIFESTYLE change. More vegetables, fruits. Less carbs, sugars.

    Once you are used to eating more, but consuming less carbs (less chips, soda,candy...) You will think your stomach "shrunk"...but not really. You will simply be full because youve given your body the correct nutrition.

    Source(s): Im majoring in biology Gonna be a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon specializing in heart valve reconstruction and heart transplants
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    Try eating very little for 2 or 3 days. Your stomach will shrink, then you'll start getting full faster. Or, everytime you eat, eat less than usual. You'll get use to eating smaller amounts and you'll start feeling full and eating less

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