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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 9 years ago

Do these specs make a good gaming computer? And what do you think its worth?

Im looking to buy a used gaming computer and i don't know a lot about computers so i was wondering if someone could give me some advice on whether these specs will make a good computer and what you think it is worth (keeping in mind that it is used).

AMD Radeon 9750 Quad Core Processor 2400 MHz

AMD Radeon 6870

700 GB of Memory, 500 GB of Games/Movies/Music

550 Watt Power Supply

3 Internal Cooling Fans

Windows Vista

Thanks for any help

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  • Great
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    9 years ago
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    The specs as listed are incomplete and don't make much sense.

    AMD Radeon are graphics processors, not Central processing units.

    An AMD Quad core processor clocked at 2400 MHz is likely an Athelon II or a Phenom (perhaps a Phenom II) considering that the Phenom 9750 is a quad core at that clock speed we're guessing its that. Though it could be something else.

    The AMD Radeon 6870 is a fairly high end graphics card at this point in time and doesn't make alot of sense coupled with vista and an older questionable processor someone who spend the money on a amd 6870 graphics card would know what their CPU was.

    You don't list the RAM this is a big ???? and I wouldn't buy a computer without knowing what the ram was. (at least amount gigabytes, a modern gaming rig wants at least 6 gigs 8 to 12 is better and you would want DD3/need to know the type (though dd2 is likely in a windows vista era machine and would be fine)

    550 watt power supply is low for most serious gaming builds of the last few years though would be reasonable with actual knowledge of the parts.

    a 700 gb hard drive is adequate, a little unusual but decent, you want to know if its sata or ide and the speed of the drive. 500 gb of games /movies / and music???? What??? Ok are you guys trying to say that it has two hard drives one for your OS and drives thats 200 GB, and a 500 gb drive for everything else?? or are you saying that this guy didn't format his system before selling it and is trying to charge people for the 500 gigs of his data on it? Who on earth leaves their data on a machine before selling it.

    3 internal cooling fans..... This is fairly meaningless, are the what mm fans? running at what speed? are they in ducting or out ducting, What is his internal case temp that actually tells you something.

    Windows vista..... Its not known as a gaming OS though people have made decent builds with it and it runs fairly stable now that it has been patched and serviced for years.

    You don't know what on earth you are really getting here. I'd personally open the case make sure there is really a radeon 6870 in there then offer the guy 300 to 350. If its really a 6870 thats a $170+ graphics card and the other stuff is likely worth enough in parts and use to be worth another $100 to $150 but since you are asking here and not asking the buyer WTF about what he listed I doubt you can build your own from this guys abomination.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Mhmm.. The processor is at 2.5ghz which is a little on the slower side for gaming , although it shouldn't make too much of a difference

    The graphics card is pretty good should run most games on a medium to high setting smoothly

    700gbs is a good amount of space

    Checking the specs with skyrim as a benchmark you should be able to run in on medium Very smoothly and High but it might be a little slower at times. It also depends on how much ram it has, I would recommend at least 4-6 gb's of ram for a good gaming computer.

    I would pay around 350-400 at most and it would be solid if you could get it for 300...

    Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The AMD Athlon sixty 4 is a fantastically old processor, in case you propose on doing gaming, then it extremely is a project. additionally, if there is no longer a competent dedicated photographs card with it, then you extremely in all threat can no longer play video games in any respect. As a gaming workstation: 2/10

  • 9 years ago

    700 gigs of memory huh? lol

    anyways, id pay 350 for it

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