Difference between close friend and love? Straight/bi?

I'm a 22 year old female and consider myself to be straight, despite the fact that I've never even been on a date with a male. If I saw a good-looking guy and good-looking girl, I definitely look at the guy first. But lately I've gotten close with a female friend of mine who happens to be into girls. She is taken and I don't think I'm interested in her in that way, but idk. I feel almost a love for her, unlike I've felt for other friends. I love being with her more than anyone and I like when she hugs me (but could just be because i lack any intimacy). I'm not into any other girls and never have been. I don't know if I love her deeply as a friend or if this is something else?


i dont get aroused when im with her but i dont think ive ever been aroused period. i wouldnt mind being with her exclusively, but i dont think i am gay. i just want her attention; the attention she gives her gf makes me jealous.

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  • 9 years ago
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    What you feel could be a sisterly love. I have that with a lot of friends. I know the difference when I feel like doing more than hug them. It's not uncommon to get jealous when a friend spends time with some one else. It's difficult for me to explain the difference between where the love/jealousy comes from. I seem to just naturally know and identify it.

    It's like they come from a different part of my chest. When it's a platonic jealousy it feels sad and when its a lovers jealousy it feels achey and fiery.

    When it's a platonic sisterly love it feels like I would never want anyone to hurt them and would do whatever it takes to protect them. It feels like it comes straight from the center of my chest. When I like them as more then friends then it feels like a swirly feeling that makes me feel warm and ticklish all over and it springs from the left of my chest behind my heart, and it comes with a little despair because I don't think they will like me back.

    I know this doesn't sound like it makes much sense. It's probably different for everyone. You just need to closely scrutinize your emotions. Use people you know you are attracted to and not attracted to as controls to compare how you feel with how you feel with her.

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    9 years ago

    I hate to be so straight forward and vulgar, but do you get aroused when you're with her? That would be a for sure sign.

    I'm a bisexual man and when I was younger I had certainly denied my feelings of attraction to some of the friends I had. Granted, I have always found some deep emotional and physical attractions to women, for the most part; but there have been some great emotional ties to a male friend or two, as well. I just never knew if I was "in love" with them.

    But ask yourself, do you want to be with her to the exclusivity of others?

    Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    there is not any adjustments between a special buddy and a perfect buddy. all of them have a correlation to one yet another. until you count huge style a special buddy as a relatives buddy or a buddy that transcends the line of known friendship then i will work out a distinction. yet different than that there is not any wonderful differentials

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