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What form of media do you think Russian prefer to use to get news from now?

Tv, newspapers/magazines, radio or the internet?

Please explain your views.


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  • K2010
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    9 years ago
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    almost all TV channels/radio are Government controlled

  • Cossak
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    9 years ago

    Internet.But not many use facebook. Twitter yes,but still not even 30% of internet users. In Russia 60% of people use internet. So since in Russia only 2 free TV channels,where the second one is only on a cable TV, people prefer to read news online. We read newspapers too, like Komersant or Novaya Gazeta. Radio popular too,but mostly all about music. The only one which talk about social problems is Mayak.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I prefer to get news from the Internet. I usually read CNN, BBC, New York Times,

    Los Angeles Times, Al Jazeera, and some other sites

    It's also a helpful way to study English

    Source(s): I'm Russian
  • Oirdne
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    9 years ago

    It is now views, it is facts. And not from now but it was the same 1 or 5 years ago. Nothing changed in Russia from NOW.

    Young people and office workers receive information mostly from Internet.

    Older generation and those who do not use computers - from Tv.

    Newspapers, magazines, radio are not very popular.

    And it is DEFINITELY NOT Facebook and twitter.

    Source(s): live in Russia
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  • zufelt
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    4 years ago

    human beings in Russia are purely like everywhere else. As you have seen from dissimilar the responses, there are people who look after their united states from any criticism, exceptionally by skill of foreigners, purely like there are people who do the comparable in u.s.. There are additionally people who disagree with their government and protest it. maximum persons in all risk are not attracted to politics and spend maximum of their time the two working their jobs or dropping their time away on pop way of existence entertainment. the main significant reasons Pussy insurrection have been given in such warm water have been using fact there is not any separation of church and state in Russia, and that they've been charged with the equivalent of a "hate crime". i'm advantageous there are human beings in Russia who criticize Putin on a daily basis, yet they are no longer getting slapped down till they pass the line into "disorderly habit" (c.f. the occupy protesters in u.s.).

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Internet, I'd say. More foreign sources.

  • 9 years ago


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