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Marriage and Immigration in Canada?

My girlfriend and i are planning to get married as soon as we legally can without parental consent, but she lives in Canada and i live in the US. We want to get married in Canada, particularly in British Columbia, because of their more friendly attitude for same sex marriages. My question is, if she sponsors me so i can become a Canadian citizen, will our marriage be recognized by the Canadian government?


BTW: Im 16 now and we cant legally get married until we're 19 without parental consent. so it will be a few years before i apply for now.

Update 2:

i love the cold and bears ^.^

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  • 9 years ago
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    In Canada, gay marriage is legal in every aspect. You're entitled to the same legal rights and benefits of heterosexual couples.

    Sponsorship in Canada has been tightened within the past 6 months due to a lot of Canadians applying for their family to be allowed in. So yes she can apply, but don't expect to get citizenship for quite some time. From what I've heard from Immigration Canada, there is a 2 year wait or something right now.

    Good luck.

    PS: it's best to get educated about Canada considering you're very ignorant. It's not much colder here than it is in Seattle - they're the same practically. As for bears, we see them in the mountains. It's not like they roam around downtown (except the gay variety). You have years to go. Most likely your relationship won't last that long so I wouldn't worry about this ever being an issue.

  • birju
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    5 years ago

    No. gay/lesbian marriage and civil unions are actually not known in federal regulation or immigration regulation. Your chum's gf substitute into residing interior the U. S., and that's prohibited. Visa Waiver is only for tourism, and normally if in for ninety days, then out a minimum of ninety days. needless to say the gf isn't protecting down a job in Canada. Now that she has been refused get entry to, that's not likely that she would be ready to be admitted lower back to US interior the destiny. would desire to pass to the gf in Canada. The gf's goose is cooked for violations of VWP policies. distinctly no longer likely she would be ready to qualify for any variety of visa now anymore. And a lesbian relationship by no potential substitute into any grounds for any variety of visa to start with.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It may be recognised by the Canadian government. However, it will only be recognised as a covenant of sin before our Lord!!!

    You should get married in the USA. Because in Canada its cold, nothing happens and there are wild animals like grizzly bears which love eating lesbians.

    EDIT: You seem very cheerful, what with liking cold and bears. I'm sorry I gave you a facetious answer initially. I wish you are your partner the best of luck moving to Canada and getting married. You could come to New Zealand and get a civil union here.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You cannot go to Canada to live without a proper visa

    at 16 ..its not going to happen

  • 9 years ago

    your girlfriend will have to qualify to sponsor you even if you marry,she must show she can support you

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