should i get a CoolerMAster 690ii advanced or a CM storm enforcer?

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  • 9 years ago
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    both are pretty good

    the CM 690II adv has a lot of fan mounting options so you could get some good airflow to keep your system cool.

    the CM storm seems to have a bit more versatility but the lack of thumb screws is a big deal for me.

    both have a lot of space in them and provided good options for routing cables and both have CPU mounting holes in the motherboard tray which is always a plus.

    if i were you i'd go for the 690ii advanced. tool-less design will be a lot easier to deal with, and cooling would be better. not sure if you so bothered about having a side panel window or not but i'd sacrifice that in this case.

    the 690ii also seems to have a bit more room in it which will help when your putting it together especially if you end up using larger graphics cards.

  • delao
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    4 years ago

    The 690 isn't the main significant suitable even with the undeniable fact that the 922 is. or possibly the 912 interior the adventure that your on a funds (you could upload better followers later in case you're waiting to be waiting to desire to) the hurricane Enforcer is larger helpful than the scout 2. For builds... I take: the 932 for "the great rig" (heavy "gamer") the 922 because of the reality the "important stay" known use the 912 for the "funds build"

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