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Home Alone 1 or Home Alone 2?

which Home Alone movie you like better and why?

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    Home Alone 1.I think i was about 10 when i first watched this movie so being an inexperienced movie watcher at the time i thought the concept of the movie was brilliant as i never saw a movie like that prior to watching it.Nowadays you have similar kids movies where the kids set traps to escape the bad guy but those movies don't compare to Home Alone in my opinion.

    Home Alone 2 was good also and but i prefer Home Alone.

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    Home Alone 1 and 2 were just about a kid vs 2 idiot thiefs

    Part 3 changed all that..

    This time there is actually a story line and a great cast.

    In case you dont know,

    Home Alone 3: Alex is a kid who shovels snow for his neighbors. His parents work all the time and are always on the go. When his neighbor pays him for shoveling snow with a remote control car, little does he know he has become the target of a international conspiracy.

    Inside the car is a chip that makes missiles invisible to radar, and a picking of wrong bags at the airport has landed it in Alex's hands. Now he must defend both his house and his neighborhood from 4 very high tech villians.

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    Home Alone 1, I thought the movie was more consistent

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    Home Alone 1, I prefer the movie to be sat at home rather than being lost in a big city and I also thought the movie flowed better

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    Home Alone 2... I like the ending part so damn much!

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    The first movie. It's the one I saw first and the sequel is basically a recreation only it's set in New York. Kind of a pointless movie.

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    Home Alone 1: "The thing about re-makes is you don't **** with the original" <----- Best Scream 4 quote ever!!!!

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    The first one.

    But I do love the second one too.

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    8 years ago

    The first one, it have more memorable moments.

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