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How long will a friends pee stay good?

I made a bad decision and decided to fall into peer pressure and smoke. I regret deeply what i did and learned a valuable lesson from that, but unfortunately that doesn't change my situation. So i have a drug test coming up and ive decided to substitute a friends pee for mine. The only question i have is how long will their pee stay "good" until it will make the test show positive or inconclusive. Thank you.


Added: He has to leave around 7:00am and my drug test is around 12:00pm (noon), so i have to keep it "good" for about 5 hours. I have seated heats in my car and tested sitting on the bottle while the seat warmers are on and it stayed nice and toasty, just dont want it to start to chemically change and me be f'd when they take the sample.

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    No- Urine does not expire. But it will be suspicious if the pee is cold. That is a dead give away. The pee must be between 90 - 100 f degrees. Tape a bag of urine to your bottom of your abdomen. Also, if someone is watching you- buy a whizzinator or urinator.

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    Just have it at a warm temperature when you deposit it into the cup. It won't "go bad". try around 98.3 degrees Fahrenheit (i think is the average body temperature) not sure. Just put it in a ziplock bag and put it inbetween your thigh and genitals(assuming youre a guy)

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    Lols I figure it will be good until it goes cold.

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    As soon as the urine gets cold, it's bad.

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    how long does pee stay good??? even if its already cold???

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      when will my question get answered??

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