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Why are people calling Frank Dux a fake?

Can't believe what I am hearing is this true?? What do you think?? Please give me some resources to help support your claim. Thank you

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    I used to write about this guy, but then I found that this article made me pee my pants with laughter, so now I just post this instead of wasting my time with more compelling arguments.

    "Frank Dux was a spy and a master of Ninjitsu, which is just a Japanese word for somersaulting megaspy. He was the best. He trained under a shidoshi whose name was only coincidentally the name of a James Bond villain. He was in a covert branch of the military so secret that even our military didn't know about him. He didn't exist so hard that birds **** right through him. But someone did know about him: a shadowy society of martial artists who run a tournament called The Kumite. They invited Frank to enter, and that was their last mistake.

    From 1975 to 1980, he was the undefeated Full Contact Kumite World Heavy Weight Champion. He had 56 consecutive knockouts in one tournament, a number too stupid to be fake. He set four world records in the same tournament including Fastest Recorded Kick with Knockout: 72 miles-per-hour. The Kumite Athletic Commission figured it was OK to keep radar guns pointed at the fighters at all times since Frank removed most of their gonads before the long term effects of radar exposure could manifest. In fact, Frank Dux punched so many ***** through their sacred walls that city temple inspectors shut them down for code violations.

    Suspiciously, the organization that held the Kumite seemed to share a home address with Frank Dux, and the trophy they gave him was the same trophy that he suspiciously paid for himself. Think about that: The Kumite is so secret that the only paper trail leads to Frank Dux, professional secret agent. That means that the other fighters, while obviously not very good at fighting, are unbelievably good at being secret. Why, if Frank Dux hadn't written a book about them and bought himself that trophy, I doubt I'd have even believed they existed.

    How It Ended: AwesomelyIn 1988, Frank's extremely true story was made into the film Bloodsport which is still Jean-Claude Van Damme's best movie. Dux worked on the film as the fighting coordinator where he taught Van Damme how to properly get punched in the face for several minutes and then win by spin kick. Jean-Claude would go on to use these fighting techniques exclusively for two decades.

    Years later, Dux and Van Damme worked together on the story of The Quest. It was a film like Bloodsport only with Bloodsport elements. Dux took Van Damme to court because he was apparently promised a huge gross revenue deal for his "Story By" credit. In the film industry, this type of arrangement is almost as common as an actual ninja spy holding a trophy for Best Ninja Spy. To see both of these things in the same place would be like finding a human vagina on your unicorn. Literally ******* incredible.

    Frank Dux never managed to produce evidence of this amazing agreement since the documents were in a box that was destroyed by a fire. Fitting in perfectly with his life of the fantastic, this fire was a magical fire that destroyed document boxes and nothing else. It sounds ridiculous now, but imagine you were a judge residing over a case between the cocaine-filled star of Double Impact and an actual, real-life superninja who controls fire. That judge said exactly what you would say: "Pay the man, Timecop."

    Special thanks to, Eddie Doty, and The MMA Underground Forum."

    Read more: 7 Fighters Who Lied Their Way to Legendary |


    After seeing that video @coldfuse posted, I've changed my mind. Frank Dux is the real-deal Holyfield. I take back everything... ;)

    I could teach a course on NLP and microexpression reading with that video alone.

    Source(s): Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu
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    Frank Dux

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    Frank W Dux

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    Because they're jealous.

    Dux once threw a punch so fast it went back in time and impregnated Chuck Norris's mother. Yes, Dux is Chuck Norris's biological father, even though Dux is younger than Chuck. Meaning, that Dux threw that punch even before he was born. Confused? Dux isn't.

    He once wrote a screenplay so deadly it killed the only man to ever read it. Why didn't it kill Dux though? Because REAL Ninjas can't read, or so the legend goes.

    Dux invited the paper cut.

    He calls his left hand 'Death' and his right hand 'Death,' because he's not very creative.

    California was only established so Dux would have some place to stash his trophies.

    Dux used to toughen his shins by kicking down Asper Trees, which were eighteen times thicker and fourteen times more prominent than Redwoods. Never heard of an Asper Tree? That's because they're extinct, he's that well-trained.

    Who killed Tupac? Dux. Case solved.

    If you don't understand these facts, don't worry... neither does Dux.

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    What is real about Frank Dux

    - he exists

    - he wrote: The Secret Man

    - he wrote a manuscript: Complete History of the Ninja The Untold Story "ninja the untold story"

    What is questionable about Shidoshi Frank Dux

    - the kumite

    he said undefeated from 1975 until 1980 but who is the current kumite champion? It is held every 5 years with public. Where are and who are the Kumite champions from the following years: 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 ?

    - sensei Takizo Tanaka / sensei Senzo Tanaka

    There is no evidence that the guy existed in California, there are no records of him. There is nothing known about the Tanaka ryu line of Ninjitsu either.

    - Koga Yamabushi Ryu Ninjutsu

    Probably made up by Frank Dux himself if he got the densho from sensei Senzo Tanaka then he would safe like a treasure. He does not have the scrolls

    - His ceremonial sword that he won at the kumite he sold to free philiphino orpheans children. But there are ni pictures of the sword found anywhere.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    The answer is quite simply yes! It's all made up and so is the film I'm afraid. As great as the film is and it was Van Dammes finest hour it's still made up. In fact the only really thing in the movie is that there is a man called Dux in it and that's about it. Do some searches on the Internet about the guy and there's plenty of stuff about his past. Yes Ultimate fighting underground tournaments do exist but there is no evidence that suggests that the film is real. You have to just read the end titles that say he made his own style of ninjutsu called Dux ryu. I really don't think that if you made your own style up after training for so many years you would be so vain to name it after yourself! Its very disrespectful It's just a great film. Sorry to disappoint If its that style of fighting i think Van Damme studied Shoto Kan Karate. And if its real ninjutsu your after then check out Bujinkan (Dr Hatsumi), Genbukan (Tanemura) or Jinenkan (Manaka) regards Idai

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    It should be noted that his book was published through Harper Collins, who had a legal agency thoroughly investigate all of his claims to verify them, before they published. The book that has been published to discredit Dux was 'self-published' and so did not have to stand up to independent scrutiny. It is similar with the attempt by a Los Angeles Times 'journalist' who tried to say that Dux bought his Kumite trophy,

    The journo produced a photocopy of receipt purporting to be proof - 1. Dux name is misspelt as Dukes and the address of the receipt is also no somewhere Dux had ever lived; 2. There are verified photos from 1976 of Dux and the trophy, and the receipt was dated 1979 (three years later); 3. The verified Kumite trophy is two feet tall, topped by a single silver bowl - the trophy on the receipt had two gold bowls and four judo figures; 4. The journo was involved with Dux ex-wife, whilst they were in the middle of their divorce.

    Dux has made a lot of enemies, but there are a lot of extremely reputable people in the martial arts community who verify his claims.

    Lastly, Dux is paid by the US armed forces and police departments to train their officers in martial arts. Do you really think that if Dux had lied about his military record, that the military would not have investigated and, if he had lied about his record, would to this day still use him for training?

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    He lost in a court of law and he has been found on multiple occasions to be a total liar.

    He has already been discredited. He fakes a lot of stuff but no official organizations or families have ever heard of him.

    All the things that he could have to prove himself he claims were stolen or destroyed in earthquakes or that he had to sell them to save Filipino orphans etc.

    If you truly can't see he is BS and a fake then you are sad.

    His trophy was found to be bought at a local trophy store and he had it changed a bit to have his name on it etc.

    No Sensei Tanaka ever existed.

    Shoto Tanemura, a Japanese who is one of a select group of recognized Ninja masters in the world, said in an interview in Los Angeles last week that he had never heard of Dux or Tanaka. "There is no Mr. Tanaka in Japanese history" of the Ninja families.

    Military records show that Dux never ventured closer to Southeast Asia than San Diego. His only known war injury occurred when he fell off a truck he was painting in the motor pool.

    Don't you find it a little strange that he can never prove even anything? And he always has a BS story as to why?

    Dux said that both items were lost when an earthquake destroyed his apartment in 1994. Dux's former neighbor, Kim Owens, testified that the earthquake did not cause severe structural damage to the apartment building. She submitted photos to prove that the building's balconies had not crumbled as Dux had claimed. As a result, Frank Dux's credibility was damaged, suggesting that his written proof of the contract may not have existed at all.

    He is fake, sorry.

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    Dux story checks out man, dont listen to these guys, Hollywood wouldn't make a movie about him if it weren't true. I saw him fight in the kumite, had front row seats, between Jesus and Elvis, Then John Kennedy showed up and everyone went nuts! :-)

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    I've been around martial arts since growing up. My knowledge is up to a blue belt level. You knew Dux and that is fine. But people are calling him a fake because he lied about the Kumite.

    The fact that he's a great martial artist or served in the military is fine but his credibility is shot because of that. Stop trying to cover up the facts.

    Thank you! That is all.

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