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jess asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 9 years ago

why should they move the airport at linberg field to brown field or miramar?

i need to do this for class. i need to find pros and cons on why they should move the airport to brown field or miramar?

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    How many people do you think know that the airport in San Diego is Lindburgh Field....linberg??? WTF over!

    Having been a corporate road warrior for 14 years I have landed in SD MANY times....that 80 foot buzz past that parking garage gives everyone the creeps.

    Brown Field??????:

    A precision approach is not possible to either runway end due to steep, rising terrain (elevation 3,600 feet) less than six miles (10 km) east of the airport. There have been several crashes due to pilots not maintaining sufficient altitude over these nearby mountains (often flying VFR at night).

    It was placed back in WWI when 2 wings and open cockpits were the thing...not jets landing @ 150 mph!

    Not so sure Miramar is better. The F14's used to come west over the 163, extend wings from delta, cop a 180 and land to the east....have never seen anything other than fighters come of go from there

    Have fun

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