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Do you like my character names people?

i know i have asked this twice before, but i want more opinions. Here they are.

Tamsyn Flynn- tomboyish, her best friend is Aaron, hates girly things, her ex best friend ditched her for more popular girls, funny, athletic, and she is only kinda smart, and she has a big mouth that she can never get the right words out of ever

Aaron Martinez- Tamsyn's best friend, funny, really smart, loves to play sports and joke around, would do anything to save his friends most of the time and he is really hot, but kinda has a temper and he and Tamsyn argue alot

Roxie (Roxanna) Snedie- friends with Tamsyn and Aaron, sweet and kind, and has a crush on Michael, really smart, but she really loves makeup and dresses and thjings like that, jealous that Aaron is Tamsyn's best friend, not her

Michael Henson- kinda nerdy, a follower of Aaron, is in LOVE with Tamsyn, not athletic at all, nice, but is full of fury when Tamsyn and Aaron are together and having a good time (so most of the time)

Lydia Foster- mean, used to be popular, has a cousin that is popular, goes to a really good private school, and she is kinda pretty

Blaine Howards- likes Lydia, is nice, athletic, funny, kinda smart, very creative, but he has trouble believing in things that could be possible, and things that arent possible

Rosalie Krammings- is very polite and sophisticated, wants to be herself around her rebellious and arrogant friends, always does the right thing, a goodie goodie, and she is very insecure about herself, goes to the same private school as Lydia

Kristie Walkers- one of Rosalie's rebellious friends, and she frequently tries to change Rosalie. She is very pushy and she is nice, but not the nicest, wishes she never met Lydia Foster.

Jordan McNammas- has alot of spunk and swagger, and she is the most girl person someone could meet, she is nice and a good friend, but she lacks nothing when it comes to self-defense, and she is always sticking up for herself, whether she knows she is wrong or not.

Mya and Lee Ann Vannilas- twins from Spain with American names, Mya speaks Spanish most of the time, and Lee Ann translates, they always are near each other, but Mya has a temper and hatred for Lydia, and Lee ann doesnt know what to do and isnt good in crisis

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    personally i think they rock! the descprictions are really good and not everyone is perfect and ya.


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    Like the names. They are very creative and I love that you included a personality for each. Some story background may be helpful but good job :)

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