how to play this part of the tab tapping section?

Tapping part

D #-t13p10p8h10--------|

A #--------------------|

F #--------------------|

C #--------------------|

G #--------------------|

C #--------------------|

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  • 8 years ago
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    ok so i think u would first bring down ur tapping finger on the 13th fret.

    now position ur fretting hand with the ring finger on the 10th fret and ur pointer finger on the 8th

    now to play: hammer down on the 13th, then pull tht tapping finger (I use my pointer finger, however most guitarists recommend using your middle) off the fret, and sort of pluck the string while ur doing it to make the next note (on the 10th fret) sound louder.

    now that the 10th note is ringing, pull your ring finger off to sound the next note on the 8th.

    once you have done that, then hammer your ring finger back down on the 10th

    it might take some practice to do this to make it sound audible if your new to this sort of thing, however with practice and right technique, this should be fairly simple

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    3 years ago

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