Acting Audition and Interview advice?

I got an acting interview/audition for disney and its scheduled for saturday. I really need some advice cause Love acting. like what should i wear? what will they most likely be asking/ having me do? how should i do my hair?? so if you have any advice for me, i'd love that. and im like under seventeen so if your giving me advice for an adult, please don't.

Thank you so much!

P.S. know exactly what your thinking "be careful! it could possibly be a scam!" and to those of you who say that,do you really think i'm dumb enough to fall for a scam? i know if they ask for money, deny. so i don't wanna hear your comment if it has something to do with a scam. and i know its not a scam because a radio advertised it and i doubt a radio would advirtise a scam.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I can guarantee with 100% certainty that this IS a SCAM. Sorry you don't want to hear this but it's very easy to confirm. Disney Channel lists every open audition on the Open Calls page on their website and they have a warning about these so called auditions

    "You can come here, to, to get info on the only official Disney Channel open casting calls which we hold annually in various cities around the world. These open casting calls are promoted as official Disney Channel casting calls. Importantly, there is no fee for these casting calls or to audition and no contract to sign. The next open casting calls will be held in 2012. If a casting call is not listed here, it is not authorized by Disney Channel. "

    Just read that last sentence: If a casting call is not listed here, it is not authorized by Disney Channel."

    There are plenty of companies who falsely use Disney's name in radio ads who have NOTHING to do with Disney. Just read some of these links

    "Disney was mentioned five times in the promotion of the event on local radio stations last week.

    Now, Disney says, “We do not have an affiliation with that organization.” Disney also says they have lawyers looking into the matter."

  • R K
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    9 years ago

    most professional auditions are during the week during the day. unless you got this audition through

    your agent and are in LA, it's not a real Disney audition. Disney does not advertise auditions on the radio. if this was a real audition you would know the name of the film and you would be trying for a specific part and would have a description of the character. everything you hear on the radio or see on tv

    is not always gospel. things like this are usually fronts for expensive acting schools. unless you have training,experience a resume and an agent, your not getting anywhere near a real audition the caliber of Disney. if you had training and experience, you would know what to expect and do on an audition and what to wear. if you have any idea of the description of the character your trying for, go dressed

    like you would if you were that character. you will need to take a parent with you. just wear your every day clothes and your hair like you would normally. if this is a real audition, they will be more interested in your talent and ability and your audition skills, not so much your wardrobe.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    in case you sing a song they are conscious of, they'll think of you're "only yet another giddy disney youngster" who's relatively performing like this: omg omg omgomg!!! DISNEY!!!!! :DDDD they are finding for somebody with spunk and character. no longer only leaping around being hyper with the aid of fact its Disney. attempt some thing diverse, like Avril Lavine. Heres a itemizing of songs which would be sturdy: For the two: Dream a sprint Dream of Me whats up, Soul Sister For adult males: You and Me Your guy eye-catching females

  • well first congratz on the interview,and 2nd theyll probably just ask you to read scripts and about your skills like dancing and singing also your experience in acting.

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