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Steps to getting a motorcycle licence?

Okay please I need intricate steps on how to get a motorcycle licence, including how to get the permit in Texas. I'm 15 I'm planning on a 2011 Davidson. Any ideas?


I did Google it I just couldn't understand anything they were saying.. and my dad says he's getting me a Harley. I may get something else if anyone has any ideas. Price isn't a factor.

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    1. Be a minimum of 15 years of age (restricted to only operate a motorcycle that has not more than a 250 cubic centimeter piston displacement). On the 16th birthday of a special restricted Class M license, the 250 cubic centimeter restriction will be removed from the license without completion of an additional motorcycle operator training course.

    2. Complete the requirements for a learner license.

    3. Present the completion certificate of Driver Education.

    4. Submit a Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (VOE) form.

    5. Obtain parental authorization signature.

    6. Pass the mandatory motorcycle driving test.

    Good luck having a first bike that weighs at least 570 lbs and costs at least $9000.

    Source(s): googled Texas might want to try that neat google thingy.
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    Step One - Take a motorcycle safety course (believe it's mandatory in Texas, anyways).

    Step Two- Get a copy of the Texas DMV's Motorcycle Guidelines.

    Step Three- Read Tex. DMV G.

    Step Four- Tell us why the 2011 Harley Davidson.

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