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What is the psychology behind zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc etc?

I just watched a video in which it was explained that each means a different fear

vampirism is sexual repression(I didn't understand this one at all.), zombies are fear of loss of individualism, and werewolves is fear of degeneration and being overtaken by anger.

But I was thinking more, and there has to be more to it. Identifying with one or the other must show key characteristics about a person. For example, I used to love zombies, now I'm not too fond of them. I never particularly liked werewolves, but as I've aged I've begun to dislike them more and more. And since day one I've loved and identified with vampires, this love has only increased (Though Twilight made me feel uneasy about the evolution of the vampire, I still love the more classical Dracula type). I want to know what makes us fear or love these monsters, what they represent, and what makes us drawn to them. What do my leanings say about my evolution as a person.

You could answer with your own knowledge or opinions, or direct me to a video, website, or book that goes in depth about this subject.

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  • Ellie
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    Because each 'creature' is associated with a bunch of different images/feelings.

    Vampires - wear red capes, drink blood, bite, wear black, all of these suggest lusty or bdsm type sexual activity. People who like vampires have passionate mindsets and often feel 'different' from others. I'm not sure if fearing vampires means you're sexually repressed, but it would make some sense.

    I don't agree with the zombies being associated with individualism. Zombies are more like people who have no common sense or control, and will kill/do stupid things because they don't understand the aftereffects. People who fear zombies probably fear criminals or ex convicts etc because they have a paranoia about people who might not be in control of their own actions.

    I would advise what to read/look at but to be honest, most of the stuff you read/find will be trash that someone has made up somewhere. The real GOOD stuff actually lies in English Literature. Read Angela Carters 'blood chamber' as a start if you're bothered.

  • Anonymous
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    I would then technical consider myself a werewolf because I fear to lose control. I am not sexually repressed because i love women and thats how i feel, and not a zombie because i will never conform.

    The ways to kill a vampire would be anything to do with life, a stake, holy water, sunlight and more. To kill a werewolf you must use a silver bullet. To kill a zombie you must blow off it's head. Other than these, the beasts within are impossible to kill. These are in fact significant, people who consider themselves vamps can only truly be freed of this monster once they are able to join life once more, to be confident in who they are and be proud of it, to live life. Those who consider themselves werewolves are those who store the anger within with no way to channel it. To be free, the silver bullet, this is representative of a way to release the anger, through something valuable. I channel my anger through kickboxing, I feel free and I value my time doing something productive with my life. Finally, those who consider themselves zombies want to be freed of this cruel world. These are the people who have never spoken up, they never do anything and they probably won't do anything unless somebody comes to help them. These are the people who are repressed in everything, their lives, think of those people in north Korea who cannot do anything because they are under the rule of a dictator. They feel helpless. The only way these people can be freed is if somebody lends them a hand. Most people fall under this category. I can even associate with this, but I'm moreso werewolf.

    To be freed from these imaginary beasts within we must kill them in whatever ways we can, but mainly to search for the root of the problem and pluck it out. Hopefully I helped, good luck and God bless

  • Erika
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    in case you look on the historic past of action picture and novels, i think of you will see a substantial shift interior the final 20 or so years. inventory characters that earlier have been consistently or only about evil in nature, now are normally depicted at fullyyt sturdy or frequently sturdy. i'm thinking of: --Vampires ("Twilight") --Pirates ("Pirates of the Caribbean") --Mafia gangsters ("The Sopranos," "The Godfather") --Serial killers ("Dexter") --Prostitutes ("fairly woman") --Hit adult males ("Pulp Fiction"; "Assassins," starring Sylvester Stallone) it relatively is a demonstration of a decline of civilization. the comparable issues occurred interior the twilight years of the Roman Empire. It potential that a society now no longer can justify its definitions of goodness and righteousness, so, it reverses them. What substitute into earlier sturdy is now undesirable, and what substitute into earlier undesirable is now sturdy. It reflects the actuality that the folk of a society are further and extra doing issues that hardship their judgment of right and incorrect, consisting of cheating on checks in school, cheating on spouses sexually, cheating the government out of taxes that they'd desire to pay, being cheating in employment or enterprise dealings, watching hardcore porno, watching super violent and bloody only spectacular scuffling with fits, etc. watching thoughts approximately heroes and heroines that are based on the inventory characters which traditionally have been evil, people get a quickly respite from the condemnations of their judgment of right and incorrect. they'd variety of say lower back to their judgment of right and incorrect, "look! See! Even vampires and mafia hit adult males could be sturdy adult males. So i'm no longer so wicked, relatively." observe how in contemporary circumstances the adjectives "undesirable" and "baddest" got here to intend "sturdy." to a pair Christians, this advance in sinfulness in a society alerts the "end circumstances." To me, that's does sign the top of a civilization. yet only with the aid of fact the civilization of the Roman Empire substitute into succeeded by way of a clean civilization, so will our Western Civilization be succeeded by way of some thing new. that's what i think of, besides. another write approximately this too. i might propose no longer getting sucked up in all this. extremely, regardless of in case you're a Christian or no longer, stay on the direction of righteousness.

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