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What's a good bad for me?

Okay so I have a heavy flow,and I have the target brand super absorbency. But, I change it in the morning then 3 hours later it's full again and then 3 hours later when I get home it's filled again.So,is it that I just have a heavy period,or the target brand isn't good enough?Also, which brand would you suggest for me,and I can't wear tampons .

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    Not to put down Target brands or make you go with something expensive, but when you need a pad for heavy bleeding it's always important to go with a good brand that works. I don't know if you tried Stay free thin overnight but they are very absorbent and thin. Also, if you wear them in the day you won't feel like your wearing diapers. They also have wings to hold them in place =) If you want another option you could try looking at the Kotex brand, they have some strong pads that might help. I hope my advice will help, good luck!

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