Interested in Nursing in Army- currently in high school, ROTC scholarship?

So I am high school right now and thinking that I want to do nursing down the road- probably involved with the military. I'm not sure what I should do about this. My friend in the military now tells me I need to be looking into ROTC scholarships now, but I still want to have a pretty normal college life. Should I be contacting a recruiter to ask these questions to? How much would ROTC play into my college life? Any words of wisdom would be great!

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  • 9 years ago
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    1) Do not talk to a recruiter about this.

    2) Do not talk to a recruiter about this. (Yes I typed it twice.)

    3) Call the ROTC program at one of the universities you want to go to. They will have a ROTC Recruiting Officer who can explain the scholarship options and requirements.

    If you go with a regular recruiter, you may get a good one who directs you this way, however you may get one that needs to make his quota and will try to get you to enlist instead. So your best option is to talk to a ROTC program. Even if it is not at a school you want to go to, all will have a ROTC Recruiting Officer so any ROTC program will do.

    As for college. In ROTC, you will have a normal college life. You generally only wear your uniform once a week. You attend regular classes and then ROTC as an elective. With the exception of uniform day, you cannot really tell a ROTC student from any student, to include social activities and so on.


    Each program is different. My program did Physical Training from 6:30, not 4:30. Again, this is why you want to talk to someone at the univeristy you want to go to.

    Source(s): Got my commision through ROTC. I was not a Nursing Program cadet, but 50% of my university's ROTC program was since the University had a medical school.
  • 9 years ago

    As far as ROTC and your college experience.

    You will get up at 4:30 or 4:45 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for Physical Training before classes. You have two labs during the week to fit into your schedule (on military things and leadership). There may be a couple of events here and there that I am missing. But for the most part after that time, the time is yours. Of course, you must keep your GPA up (2.0) and can't do anything too crazy to where you get in trouble.

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