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What time should a 5th grader go to bed?

Today I have to watch my little brother hes in 5th grade so I was wondering what a 5th grader go bed?


Thanks guys I told him tonight he has to go to bed at 8 and hes ok with it

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    The answer to this is about nine p.m. because they have been working hard studying in school that they need their sleep. Also this can help improve their grades. But if they have to stay awake until about ten or eleven because of studying for a test or such then let them. Just don't catch them playing around. I hope i helped

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    I would say 8:30 or 9.... when I was in the 5th grade I went to bed at 9 o'clock :)

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    i'm in 5th and that i dont have a series bedtime, yet i know that i'd desire to be asleep by way of 10 on weekdays or i'm going to have a terrible day day after immediately. I not sleep till finally i nod off on weekends.

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    I would say 830 or 8 pm. Plenty of time for him to get sleep. Besides, if he doesn't sleep the whole time, at least he gets his full rest than not enough!

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    it depends on what time they wake up, for most 10 year olds id say 8 hours of sleep per night

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    9:00ish. I wouldn't do anything later because that may not be enough or earlier because he won't want to

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