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can a girl have a baby with a dog?

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    What do you mean by that? do you mean that can a dog make a girl pregnant or can a baby be around a dog? which one?

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    Umm Depends on what your asking.

    Can a girl and a dog mate and have a child?

    It's not possible. The dog could mate a million times a day with the girl but the semen will not fertilize the eggs. What will happen is, as the semen is released, it heads to the uterus and gets confronted with special anti-bodies that stop any non-human sperm from entering the egg. If the dog keeps mating for a while, eventually the sperm will wear down the anti-bodies and can get into the egg. At which point, the egg will be fertalized for a microsecond. Therefore the girl will be a mother of a dog, for a microsecond but it takes constant mating, a lot of pain (for the dog and the girl) and you get nothing in the end.

    Can a baby be around the dog?

    Depends on the dog. They are all diffrent. If it's a vicious dog, keep it away from the baby. If it's a family dog, it's perfectly fine. It all depends on the breed and the dog. Hope it helped!

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    As long as you watch the two carefully. Dogs, no matter how good the dog is, don't get to be around babies un supervised. Some of the best dogs that you could think of are the ones who end up mauling a child. You need a dog/baby gate to separate the two when you are not able to supervise. Again, even if it is a good dog, they don't need to be with the baby unsupervised.

    Oh and it also helps things if you don't forget to feed the dog. Hungry dogs are generally the ones who attack and maul the baby.

  • Yea. Just make sure the dog respects the baby. Keep the dog a good distance away from the baby to avoid mishaps.

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    No, the human body can not create life with animal DNA that would develop . Um but there are small chances of having allergic reaction to mating with an animal that can cause death.

    Source(s): KTLA NEWS july 13,2011
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    If you mean with the dog being the father, the answer is no.

  • Yes, but only if the dog isn't neutered. Should I even ask? Why are you asking this. Someone is apparently a great dog owner. you give a whole new meaning to "Doggy Style" Here are some names I picked out for your buppy Fido, Rover, Kujo Lucky.

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    Yes- There is no reason not to have a baby around a well trained dog.

    I dont think I answered the question that was asked- and now that I read it again it is gross.

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    Just what are you getting at here ? are we talking 1/2 n1/2 ?

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