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how long after planting poppy plants will they bloom?

I planted my poppy plants last spring but there was no growth at all...i have heard that it could take a whole season before the seeds start growing. which means that they will grow this upcoming year. Is there any truth this or do i just have dud seeds? If they will grow when can i expect them to bloom? I live in pennsylvania.

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    The PROBLEM with starting Poppy seeds, is that they sprout VERY randomly (if they ever sprout at ALL ) ! :( And even when They DO; you still have to wait two or three years- before Any of Them bloom !! :( It's Far BETTER- when you buy the actual poppy PLANTS... Because THOSE are more likely to grow & overwinter, & you'll only have to wait ONE year- for Them to blossom... :)

    Source(s): More "Experience"- than I care to admit ! :)
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    I as quickly as bought some dried poppy's from the marketplace to make a flower affiliation for my abode. once I have been given abode i observed that the heads of the dried poppies rattled once I shook them. I have been given a pointy knife and placed a sprint nick interior the facet of the poppy head so i does no longer injury it and a great number of seeds dropped out. I did this with all of the poppy heads and had certainly a great number of tiny poppy seeds. I dug a bite of backyard over, gave it a great watering and made some shallow troughs, I sprinkled the poppy seeds interior the troughs, coated them with soil and gave them a delicate watering. I did this each nighttime till they sprouted and all summer season I had an extremely good show of huge poppies in my backyard. i'm advantageous that as quickly as your poppies die off, you are able to dry the poppy seeds and then plant them out your self. that's basically like paying for seeds from the backyard centre. .

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