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Daydreams becoming a reality?

I'll cut straight to the point: I daydream excessively, and have been for 6 years (I'm 15). I invent worlds, people, etc. and I daydream all day long. My weekends literally are just me laying down on the couch, living in the worlds I created.

I used to think it was bad that I would waste my days doing that, but lately it's gotten worse, and I've realized it.

I've ditched all of my friends at school for my friends in my dreams, because they understood me better. I refuse to date any guys, and haven't in years, because of the boy i invented in my dreams.

I refuse to eat sometimes, because in my current daydream, I'm stranded in the forest, and I shouldn't have food.

And this morning, the worst thing yet occurred. Last night, before I fell asleep, I daydreamed that I was stabbed across my stomach in battle (I crave adventure, therefore many of my daydreams are adventurous and action-packed), and this morning I woke up with a long cut across my stomach.

It wasn't deep, but was clearly there, and the exact same cut I'd imagined the night before.

I know that I made that cut, but I'm afraid of what is going to happen next. I've taken these daydreams too far, and they've become my life. And now I can't stop.

What do I do?!!

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    Imagine a bullet-proof vest

  • Bill
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    9 years ago

    I agree with an answerer above, but not his derogatory words.

    You need to see a psychologist. You have built up strong habit patterns, an addiction to a safe daydream world. You need help getting rid of those habit patterns and soon.

    No clever answer here will help you. Get help.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Quickly visit a psychiatrist, if you're looking for a magical answer that will solve your problems without psychiatrist you won't find it here.


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