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How long to get green card?

Hi, i came to the US when i was 7 yrs old. I came here legally with my passport (or visa, idk) and im now 17. My dad recently had been talking to a lawyer and found a way to get me a green card. So i was just wondering after applying, how long does it take for the immigration to look at it, then call me or whatever they have to do until i get my green card. Im very desperate because i want to go to college really bad but cant without a ss #

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    This all depends on the category that you are applying for. If you are the son of an American Citizen, you will not have to wait long. Just fill in the forms (Form #I-485), get a letter for an interview, and go do the interview and provide your evidence and paperwork. It will all be over within 12 MONTHS.

    But if you are the son of a Permanent Resident, you will have a much longer wait. You will have to fill in Form I-130, and then wait for your priority number to be assigned. After that, you wait for your number to come up in a number range (e.g #250100 - 250500 in September 2014, and you are 253202 - that means you can ask for an interview in September 2014 and the interview will be in the following 12 months).

    You have to watch for it, because they won't. It is up to you to file for an interview when your number becomes current. But the good news is, you WILL eventually get an interview and a green card if you go through the process correctly. Assuming you don't have any disqualifying features, such as convictions.

    I'd be very cautious about going through a lawyer though, because you should not have too. You should just be able to file an application through the USCIS. I'd make sure the lawyers not charging you money to fill in a form that you can fill in for almost free. These "immigration lawyers" are usually complete scam artists.

    Their link is here for anyone applying through a family member.

    If you are not the son of a citizen or permanent resident, then your ONLY option is the DV Lottery. This is how I got in, but I applied for 11 years running to get an interview, and then it took another year to get my green card. I had to save every penny I could in those 11 years, because you have to be able to show that you will be able to support yourself once you are in the country. Also, you cannot have any convictions etc..(obviously).


    Son of Citizen = 12 Months or less.

    Son of Permanent Resident = 6 months to 20 Years.

    Other = DV Lottery (No guarantee you'll ever get selected.

    Or, you can gain entry if you are rich and go through the investment category. This takes less than 6 Months. But good luck getting that kind of money.

    Hope it helps,

    Go to :

    Check out whether you really need the lawyer, because you shouldn't normally.

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    Longer than an entire life. the only individual who can petition the U.S. government to allow you to immigrate may well be an "instant relative" of yours who must be a U.S. citizen. an instantaneous relative is a discern, a companion, or a baby over the age of 21. in case you had a brother and sister who's a U.S. citizen, that would artwork as nicely, however the waiting time for that's already 10-a million/2 to 23-a million/2 years presently. No different individual can do something for you.

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    That depends on how your father "found a way" for you to get a green card. Without knowing how he thinks he can do so, your question can't be answered.

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    we have no idea of your case ... use the lawyer ... he claims he can get it ...

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